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Touch A Heart
Many hearts are closed to the love of this universe. To touch another’s heart, you must first open your own heart. Not just to a selected few, but for all to see.
Be open. Be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be loved and to love everyone that you meet. Take those whose ideals are in sync with yours along with you.
Your compassion, gentleness, and love for your fellow man is strength for you.

I believe that the only reason for my existence is to love my fellow man, to love God, and to love myself. Yes. I am a part of God too. While that may seem like an easy enough task, we all know how difficult that can be.
The way to another's heart is through my own heart. The only way to my heart is through my heart. Surely that makes sense? When I express my spirit, when I express my gifts, talents and experiences, then I begin to touch other people's hearts.
My gifts, my talents are from my heart. I can usually express my heart, but only to a limited few. The loving part of myself, the God part of me, is tucked away and unavailable for most to see. I am willing to share with someone, with whom I have a trusting relationship. This would include my wife, my closest friends and sometimes my relatives. What would happen if I were to share the God part of me, the loving part of who I am to everyone? Could I express who I really am to everyone? I cringe at the thought. What would people think of me? Would they think me nuts? Would my friends abandon me? Would my family abandon me? What would happen if I showed everyone my heart? Do I even know what my own heart is capable of? I can only help open the hearts of people when I share my true self with them. If I can do this I will open the door or create a place where others will have the freedom to share who they are. When I begin showing others who I am and by being the Loving ME, I attract those who want to open their hearts.
While I am an expert at hiding my heart, I sometimes take a risk and open my heart to others. Interestingly enough I have never been rejected by anyone I have opened myself to. Truth be told, anytime I have opened my heart and shared of myself from a place of love I have always been amazed at how the people I am with will open their hearts too. It’s as if by my leading the way permission has been given for that energy to be present. Love affects all who are in its midst.
I don’t enter into the open-heart relationship with everyone. I do enter relationships with people who I feel are in sync with my goals. There becomes a reciprocal giving and receiving. There are people that are closed and choose not to be on the same path with where I am going. I give no energy to and do not enter into relationships with them. One day I will have the courage to open my heart for all to see. One day I will rise above myself and have the courage to open my heart to those that I judge as not being able to open their hearts.
Touching another's heart begins with expressing my love for all to see.

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Phil Walmsley is the creator of the popluar online deck of cards for your personal and inspirational growth.