So many folks had dreamt of working independently from home without having to jump busses and without having to face traffic, the privilege of working at your timing with no boss ordering you around.
This is indeed is a desired state. But with the outbreak of the deadly COVID19 pandemic which has resulted in a lockdown, the reality is not so desirable. So many people have become unproductive as a result of the lockdown.
Working remotely requires some skill set to enable one to stay productive. Bellow is 10 ways to stay productive working remotely from home:
Plan your day. Write out the list of activities to be done. This will help you to stay focus and not easily be distracted.
Organize your work
This has to do with setting a schedule. Organize your work in the order of importance or priority. Handle the most important task first and not the other way round.
Create a schedule to maintain a regular work hours
Create a schedule that works best for you. You must create a schedule that helps maintain a regular work hours. Set clear guidelines on how many hours a day you want to put into your work. It is equally important that you consider your most productive time of the day when setting your schedule.
Create a workspace
Create a workspace in your home. This will give you the right frame of mind and set you in the work mood. This home office should be taken like the conventional workplace and must be respected. This is more so, if other family members would want to cause distraction.
Act like you are going to work
Acting like you are going to an office can make you more productive. Do everything you would do each morning before heading to work. Set your alarm, get up and have a shower. Get dressed in work clothes, have breakfast, and grab a coffee before starting work in your home office. Make sure all your work tools are readily handy.
Plan break and take them
Plan regular breaks throughout the day and take them. Try to take at least a half-hour lunch break. Taking time out is good for productivity. You come back to work feeling refreshed after time away from the computer screen.
Avoid social media, the silent thief
Social media is distracting and steals your time when you are meant to be working. It's tempting to quickly check what's going on. Avoid social media while working. Turn it off during work hours and resist the urge and temptation to take a quick look except in your breaks.
Set ground rules for family members
Family members at home can be distracting. And with most of us on lockdown at the moment, odds are you are surrounded by people 24/7. This can disrupt your train of thought and focus on productivity drops. Set ground rules so there aren't constant interruptions all day. This is why having a home office is so valuable. If you have a private sanctum, you're much less likely to be disturbed than if you're working from the couch.
Work with reliable technology
Every remote worker needs reliable technology. You need access to an internet connection that you can rely on and that doesn't constantly drop out in the middle of a video call. It also needs to be fast enough to upload completed work. You also need a good computer setup that can handle the workload without slowing down for hours every day. An extra screen, a wireless mouse, and a keyboard may also be essential for you to work efficiently. And noise-canceling headphones can be handy so you can work anywhere at any time.
Be disciplined
The bottom line is you must be disciplined to be productive working remotely from home.
……..Stay home, stay safe, and stay productive.

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Lucky Omochonvwen Etameta, Educator, CEO IgniteEdu and former Head of Department, Arts and Commercial, The New Covenant Baptist Academy, Akute, Ogun State, Nigeria. He is a writer, researcher, an event planner, event host, public speaker, and an entrepreneur. Lucky Etameta has written several articles on education, the COVID19 pandemic, self development among others.

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