Success is a journey not a destination. When you are building the successful life you desire it’s very "human" (i.e., "normal") to experience occasional moments of self doubt and feeling down.

When you recognize one of these low moments you can crank your SuccessEsteem™ back up to a power level quickly and easily by implementing one or more of the ideas below.

1. Reenergize Your Primary Goals
Reminding yourself of what it is that you really want to accomplish is a great way to crank your energy back into high gear! One quick and easy way to do this is simply to complete this sentence; "What I really want to accomplish is..."

2. Reconnect with Your “Why”
When your energy level is feeling low a great way to get a quick pick-me-up is to reconnect with "why" you're working so hard. Every coaching client I've ever worked with has expressed a genuine desire to do things with their life that will help to make their life and the lives of others even better. It's very easy to reconnect with your "why" by completing the sentence; "I really want to accomplish this goal because..."

3. Refresh Your To-Do List and Your Priorities
Refreshing your to-do list is a GREAT way to beat the frustration of feeling overwhelmed by all the things you must do to accomplish your desired goals. This simple act is very effective for bringing yourself back to the present moment and will reignite your "can do" spirit. My favorite question for setting the priorities of my to-do list is simply, "What is the most effective thing for me to do right now?"

4. Energize Your Brain by Changing Your Physiology
Stand up, sit down, go for a short walk, go to the bathroom... just take a moment to change your physiology. This is a great way to boost your energy and get your mind back in gear. My favorite way to reengage the brain is to do a few "Cross Crawls". This is where you simply stand up and march in place. As you march in place you touch your knee with the opposite hand. So for example, when your left knee comes up you will cross your right hand over and tap that knee. Then when your right knee comes up you will cross your left hand over and tap that knee. A few minutes of Cross Crawls will wake up your left brain and your right brain as each side is involved in this exercise. (It's a bit like making circles on your stomach while tapping the top of your head... or is it the other way around???) Anyway, Cross Crawls are easy and very effective in waking up your brain so you can easily get back to the work at hand.

5. Set the Clock for a Specific Chunk of Time
A great way to get more of the truly important things done is to pick ONE priority and set out to spend a designated chunk of uninterrupted time working toward its accomplishment. My mentor uses 33 minutes for her designated chunks of time, however I use 28 minutes. I use 28 because in numerology 2 represents "faith that things will work out" and 8 represents "abundance". Choose any time amount you want however it is most effective to keep it under 40 minutes. Keeping it small will make it feel do-able no matter how hurried or busy you are on any given day - and it will feel great when you accomplish one, two, three or even more chunks of designated time working on something that will move you even closer to your desired success!

6. Express Your Gratitude
A great way to increase your SuccessEsteem™ is to acknowledge those things you are grateful for with a sincere "Thank You."
Saying “Thank You” is about being truly and genuinely grateful for all that you have in this moment. Being truly and genuinely grateful for all that you have opens up space for more good things to come into your life.
Whether you are experiencing a time of abundance or a time of lack, being mindful of the good things in your life will keep you in the present moment and in the present moment there is peace, joy, safety and abundance.

7. Acknowledge Your Successful Progress
This is one of the most effective ways to crank up your SuccessEsteem™!
To put the true power of acknowledging your successes into appropriate perspective I must first remind you that most people try to motivate themselves by dwelling on their failures and mess-ups. So hear me when I tell you that dwelling on your your past failures will never, ever motivate you toward success. It is appropriate to learn from your past mistakes, however, it is not appropriate or effective to use your past mistakes in an attempt to punish yourself into creating success.
So, from this day forward, vow to only use your past mistakes as a learning tool and to consistently empower yourself by acknowledging your successes, your progress, and the unique skills you have to share with the world.

8. Connect with Someone You Cherish
Feeling "connected" to other people is an essential part of life. As human beings, we crave connection on a very primal level. So use this to your advantage by making a point of connecting with carefully selected people in a meaningful way every single day! You can send a quick email to someone you haven't connected with in a while or you can post a quick Facebook note on someone's wall that will brighten their day! It doesn't have to be a time-consuming connection. You can get a great deal of positive energy from making simple and meaningful connections on a regular basis with people you genuinely like.

9. Reconnect with Your Own Soul
Authentic SuccessEsteem™ is not boastful, it is about having a deep and sincere connection with your genuine worthiness for the success you seek.
You are never going to be "perfect" so it is important that you accept yourself just as you are and make the very best of what you have to share with your loved ones and with the world.
You can quickly and easily reconnect with your soul and your genuine worthiness by making a list of the things you like about yourself or making a list of your most positive characteristics.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly...

10. Think of Someone or Something You Really LOVE and Imagine Loving Yourself THAT Much!
This one shouldn't need much explanation. Just simply think of someone or something you really LOVE and imagine loving yourself THAT much!
Mmmmm.... what a marvelously warm and happy way to feel about yourself!

Success Esteem is about feeling deeply and genuinely worthy of the success you seek because you know you are motivated to create your success for all the right reasons!

So, use these ideas to prevent momentary feelings of self doubt or low energy from turning into a full-blown self sabotaging event that takes up more of your precious time and energy than it deserves!

Persist until you succeed! You really are worthy of whatever success you seek for yourself!

Author's Bio: 

Troyann Williams is a Breakthrough Coach for the Break Free University, and specializes in helping people break free from self sabotage behaviors and barriers. Please visit ==>> for Free Guides on Recognizing and Breaking Free from Self Sabotage.