In these fertile lands is born the oil which comes from this tree, liquid gold appreciated all over the world and the basis of one of the most important diets, the Mediterranean diet.

The natural symbol par excellence of Andalusia is the olive tree. In these fertile lands is born the oil which comes from this tree, liquid gold appreciated all over the world and the basis of one of the most important diets, the Mediterranean diet. But Andalusia is not only distinguished by this emblem, the olives are also the perfect accompaniment to a good cold drink in the sun. If you are visiting the south of Spain, take note of the best olives that will satisfy your palate thanks to their delicious taste and which will bring benefits to your health. Learn from Best Dietician in Gurgaon, a list of the best olives with their benefits:


Aceitunas Aloreña

It is the first table olive with a controlled designation of origin in Spain. There is a great tradition in Álora with regard to this fruit since it has always been stored in terracotta jars and is present in all homes. Grandmothers know how to season them perfectly. Water, salt, vinegar, thyme, fennel and oregano are the main ingredients for this. The olives are always handled with wooden utensils. There is nothing better than sitting in the sun with a good glass of wine and a plate of Aloreñas olives.


Aceituna cordobesa

The Cordoba olives in brine are dried and for a year. With a hard consistency, their flavor is salty with marked touches of garlic. They are very well known in the interior of Andalusia but can be eaten in any part of southern Spain. Do not hesitate to ask for a plate to taste them and enjoy the olives that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere.


Aceituna Hojiblanca

Even if the hojiblancas olives from Malaga are used especially to obtain the oil, they are also ideal for the table. Among its main characteristics, its fruity flavor with touches of apple, banana, spearmint, aromatic and sweet. A maceration process removes their bitter flavor to give a small product ideal for an aperitif in summer.


aceituna verdial

The green olives have an elongated shape and owe their name to their color: they remain green even when they are ripe. They come from the marshes of Huelva and admit all the seasonings because they quickly soak up the flavors. The fruit ripens during the period from November to the end of December and is rich in linoleic acid. A natural way to fill up on nutrients while enjoying an exceptional product.


Aceituna manzanilla

The variety of small Seville olives is one of the best suited to the table. Seasoned in pure Sevillian style, they are among the most famous olives in Andalusia. Garlic, cumin, oregano, green pepper, lemon and orange, here are the additional ingredients to flavor this delight. All occasions are good to enjoy their flavor, aperitif, dinner or even in the afternoon to accompany a good beer. Do not hesitate to taste this variety known worldwide.


Aceitunas machacadas

When the time of olive picking arrives, Andalusian villages put on their thirty-one. It is usual on these dates to keep a quantity of olives in terracotta jars to season them in a traditional way but also to pound them without breaking the pit and to add laurel, orange wedges and l 'garlic so that they soak up these flavors for three days. This combination is a real delight, especially when the sun starts to heat up. Crushed olives can be found in all Andalusian restaurants.


Aceitunas con anchoa

Even if they are processed more industrially, anchovy olives are one of the delights of Spanish gastronomy. Many restaurants use them to make pasta plates or pizzas. They are sold everywhere (supermarkets, petrol stations, etc.). Their flavor is sweet and perfectly accompanied by anchovies. Taste this mixture that will leave unforgettable memories on your palate.



A plate of olives is a plate of vitamins and minerals. The olive contains large quantities of provitamin A (carotenes) and vitamins B and E. As for the minerals, calcium is abundant and potassium, iron and phosphorus are in appreciable quantities. On the other hand, the sodium content owes to the salt which is added during its passage through the brine. A whole bath of vitality which you can enjoy in the Andalusian sun and one of the typical dishes of the Mediterranean diet.



The olive stimulates the digestive processes, it is therefore ideal for opening the appetite. It also constitutes a natural aperitif which increases the production of gastric flows and facilitates digestion. It also facilitates the emptying of the gallbladder and is therefore useful in diseases that affect this organ of the digestive system. There is nothing better than tasting a plate of olives before the meal. Do not forget to place the order if you are traveling to Andalusia.



Another benefit of olives, they strengthen memory since they contain polyphenols, natural molecules that reduce oxidative stress in the brain. According to studies by the University of Massachusetts, consuming a daily serving of olives improves memory by 25%. If you are going on vacation to Andalusia, try this natural remedy that will help you revitalize your mental state and regain your strength to return to work. A healthy way to take care of your body and enjoy this delicacy from southern Spain.

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