"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."Eleanor Roosevelt

Very few people might know that how we spend our day depends on how we start it. Have you ever noticed that your entire day becomes a mess if something goes wrong in the morning like, you could not find your shirt you wanted to wear or you missed your daily bus or train or you had a fight with your spouse. We can make every day best days of our life if we start it in a positive way. We just need to give a positive momentum and everything else will be taken care of.

In this post I am going to list down simple ways through which you can set the right mood for your day. They are easy to implement, but needs practice. We need to condition our mind for a good start. You can use the steps mentioned below or you can have some of your own, but the main thing is to start your day on a positive note. Let us give a message to the universe that you are thankful for this new day and you want to enjoy each and every moment of it.

Gratitude - There cannot be any better way than to start your day with gratitude. I start my day by thanking God for giving me this wonderful life, family and friends, health and other things. It gives me a feeling of being blessed. Every morning, make a list of things for which you are grateful to God and say thanks for it. It changes your focus from bad things in life to good things. Exa: If you have some problems at job, be grateful to God that at least you have a job. It makes you realize what is important for you.

Listen to great music - You must have noticed that sometimes when you listen to a good song in the morning, it stays in your head for the entire day. It keeps you in a positive mood throughout the day. Good music gives healing experience. It is also known as one of the best mood changer. Music has psychological effects on your mind. It calms you down. If you listen to good soothing music in the morning, then it will reduce all your stress and you will be able to enjoy your present moment.

Do not read newspaper - This point might be shocking for few people whose day cannot start without reading the newspaper. The only reason you should not read newspaper in the morning is because it mostly gives you bad news. Can you imagine how your thought process will be when you read news of terrorist, rape, robbery, bad politics. It just makes you feel that world is not a safe place to live. Do you want to start your day with that feeling?

Go for morning walk - Morning walk is much more than an exercise. Morning walk connects you with Mother Nature and we get the great energy to carry out our day. We feel fresh as we intake pure oxygen. It also gives a message that life means to move on.

Spend time with loved ones - We all have someone special in our life. Exchange some good ideas or just express how much you love him or her. Spend some quality time even if it is for few minutes. The impact will remain for entire day.

Meditation - Make meditation part of your daily morning rituals. We normally see meditation as some difficult task which we can do after years of practice only. But that is not true; you can do the meditation in this moment as well. In the morning enlighten your room by playing soft music and burn the incense. Sit in a comfortable position and just observe your breath. Meditation calms you down and you can carry this state of mind throughout your day. Even 10 minutes of meditation can give you great benefits.

Mirror exercise - As mentioned in my previous article, go to mirror and say those magical words "I love you and I accept you as you are". Just imagine how you will feel when you look in the mirror that the face looking back at you is someone you truly love. Believe me your entire day will go with full of energy and you will feel wonderful because you start your day with the most amazing feeling, Love.

Read something good - Instead of reading bad news, read something good which makes you feel good, which inspires you. You can either read book on positive thinking or you can read some really inspiring quotes.

Focus on your goals - I assume that you must have written down your goals by this time. If not please do it today. Read your goals every morning. It helps in keeping you focus on what you want from life and your actions will be inspired from them.

Make a choice - Life is about making choices. Make a daily practice to consciously choose happiness and peace of mind. It might sound stupid, but when we choose happiness and peace of mind we give message to universe that we want only good in our life.

Your life is a collection of moments you lived. Let's make every day filled with great moments.

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Samir Kunvaria is an expert on Self Improvement and has his own site www.selfawake.com