If you haven't begun immersing yourself into the world of digital resources, you're going to be pleasantly surprised at what you're about to find. As someone who is pursuing goals in their personal and professional life, you likely have some way of tracking your tasks and organizing your day.

Most people do this with a planner, and traditionally, people have used desk calendars or spiral bound planners and notebooks that they could jot down reminders and notes in.

But in today's world, you are no longer limited to print planners. In fact, you can download a digital planner to use on your device of choice, and select one that is targeted to your specific needs rather than being a catch all version.

Below, you are going to find 10 different reasons to begin embracing the concept of digital planners to help you achieve your goals, stay organized, and eliminate the frustration you may feel from a chaotic schedule.

#1 – Digital Planners Are a Cost-Effective Resource

If you are the kind of person who routinely uses a planner to organize your life, your schedule, and manage your tasks, you are going to be happy to know that digital planners can save you money over what you are paying for the print version.

Usually, consumers would buy a new planner every single year, because the print version would be outdated with the wrong days and dates on the calendars. While you can find undated print calendars and planners now, many people want the dates included, and a print download can be used easily with the current dates.

Another way you can save money by using digital planners is that you won't need to purchase other supplies such as various colored markers or pens, or white out if you happen to make a mistake.

You don't even have to purchase stickers to use inside your planner, because those will either come with the digital planner that you are buying, or you can purchase a digital pack one time and use them multiple times from here on out.

#2 – You Can Customize and Enjoy More Flexibility with Digital Planners

One thing many people love is how flexible there digital planner is. You can customize it in any way that you want, depending on the type that you buy. You can increase the number of pages or the aesthetic look of the planner.

You can rearrange digital pages and remove those that are of no use for you. If you need to edit something, you can easily change the listing however you need to, without having to cross it out or tear out a page and start over.

You can customize the style of the fonts in your planner and even color code categories and tabs, making it easy to quickly navigate and organize your projects and tasks within the planner pages.

#3 – A Digital Planner Lets You Sync Devices and Access It Anywhere

Instead of having to tote a print planner around everywhere you go, you can use your smart gadget of choice and tap into your digital planner whether you are sitting in the waiting room for an appointment, waiting to pick your child up in the carpool lane, or anywhere at all.

Digital planners can sync up so that they work across your smartphone, personal computer, tablet, and other devices. This helps you stay organized on the fly rather than having to jot a note down to yourself and remember to put it into your planner at a later time.

Some people like to use a table and stylus, and others prefer to use a computer-based digital planner, where they’re using a PDF viewer to use the planner. It’s all up to you and your preferences.

#4 – Reminders Can Be Built Into a Digital Planner#5 – You Gain More Search and Organization Capabilities with Digital Planners

If you're using a print planner, and you want to find something, you have to go through each and every page and scour what you have written to see if you can find what you are looking for.

However, with a digital planner, you can easily use the search function to find a specific task or appointment that you want to look up the details app. You can also easily organize and categorize your tasks according to the dates or priority level so that you make sure it stays front and center.

#6 – Your Productivity Will Soar Using Digital Planners

Another reason you want to begin using digital planners is that your productivity will soar. You will have one specific place that all of your tasks and appointments are managed.

You can even categorize things based on your personal or professional life. For example, you might have certain tabs that are dedicated to your health, your kids sports schedule, or your project tasks for work.

You can even schedule recurring tasks that you need to complete on a regular basis, and this type of organization will help you manage your time better and get a good overview of what your day, week, and month is going to look like.

#7 – Digital Planners Are Often Compatible with Other Apps

One reason many people have switched over to digital planners is because they are compatible with other apps that they like to use. not all digital planners are compatible with the same types of apps, so you need to make sure that the one you buy is working with whatever it is you need.

For example, you will find digital planners that are compatible with Evernote. This will allow you to take notes and organize them along with your digital planner so that they are tagged and easy to reference whenever you need them.

#8 – Your Digital Planner Can Be Backed Up and Recovered

If you're using a print planner and something spills on it or it gets lost, all of your organization and planning is ruined or gone. With a digital planner, not only can you back up the files, but you can recover it so that any information that you have included can be accessed.

There are cloud based digital planners that will back up your information and allow you to retrieve the last version of it. You can also use a data recovery tool if necessary to get a backup copy of your planner.

#9 – Collaborations and Sharing Are Easy with a Good Digital Planner

One great thing about digital planners is that, if you are using it for work or in a family situation, you can share it with others and collaborate with them whenever you want to. This is a great way to assign certain tasks to specific individuals or to notify them about appointments that they need to keep.

It's very helpful if you have a situation where many different people have different schedules or projects that they're working on and there needs to be one file to organize it all.

You want to make sure that the digital planner you have purchased will work as a shared file system. Not all of them are capable of using this approach to increase your productivity.

#10 – You Won’t Be Wasting Resources and Taking Up Space with a Digital Planner

Another benefit to using digital planners that many don't consider is that you are making good use of resources. There’s no paper waste (unless you happen to want to print your planner pages out).

There’s also less clutter taking up room on your desk. You don’t even contribute to any carbon footprint in terms of having something shipped to you, if that’s a concern of yours.

Digital planners are a mainstream tool that people of all generations have embraced thanks to its efficiency, flexibility and accessibility and they over-deliver in terms of convenience and increased productivity.

Don't rush into the purchase of a digital planner the second you learn about them. First, you want to figure out how you want to utilize a planner. Will it be for both your personal and professional life?

Will you be managing other people's schedules as well as your own? Will you be collaborating and sharing your planner with others? Do you need to see a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly view?

What other features are important to you? For example, some of the planners have built in habit trackers so that you can improve on things like drinking enough water or getting enough exercise.

There are different planners that have different layouts, such as landscape or portrait views. Some of them have different start dates for the day of the week, whether it's Sunday or Monday.

Make sure you select one that has all of the features and functionality that you are looking for, and that it is compatible with whatever technology you plan to use it with. Then, download the digital planner of your choice and make sure that you are consistent in using it after you have spent time learning how to navigate and use all of the built in elements.

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