Developing a customizable responsive web application depends on a variety of factors which first need to be analyzed in great detail. It is only after this analysis is over that the actual conceptualization, creation and implementation can be put into practice. Below are some of the points which need to be analyzed in great detail and are needed to be remembered at every stage of the developing process relating to the creation of a custom web application

1) Target Audience- The most important aspect of developing a custom web application is identifying who the target audience of this customizable web application is. It is only after the target audience is identified and their preferences are collated into useful information can the rest of the process go ahead.

2) Understanding their needs- Once the target audience has been identified, their needs and preferences should be clearly understood and highlighted. It is these needs and preferences which will dictate the attributes of the customizable web application being developed.

3) Understanding the device- If a custom web application is being developed for a specific user base who possess a certain type of device, the strengths and weaknesses of this device must be carefully taken into account. Based on the core values of this device, the custom web application should be developed in such a way that it has the ability to use all the hardware and software support of the device.

4) Defining the Web Application- The web application being developed should be perfectly defined in terms of attributes as well as the features it will contain.

5) Creation of a draft Application- Before the final application is sealed, a draft version or a beta version of the customizable application should be released and made available to the user base or a section of the user base for their feedback

6) Considering the feedback received- The developers should take a long careful look at the feedback received from the user base and should consider whether any of the feedback is potentially damaging to the application as it creates a gap between the quality of the application perceived and the actual quality made available

7) Acting on the feedback received- If the developers feel that any part of the application or the whole of it needs to be changed or amended in keeping up with the feedback received from the user base, they should do so after keeping in mind the target set for the quality of the initial application

8) Launching of final version- After all the bugs have been ironed out by the steps above, a final version should be launched and made available for testing

9) Testing of final version- The final version of the web application should be tested stringently across all the quality parameters while ensuring that it meets the minimum expectations which were set out while developing the said customizable web application.

10) Making the final version available- The final version of the customizable web application should then be made available to the user base in a phased and planned manner. If the web application license is to be sold, a clear mechanism and e-payment gateway for the purchase of such application license should be built.

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