Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that removes the extra fat under the body. The surgery last for 1-3 hours and results are obtained instantly. This is a useful surgery to make your body look more beautiful and proportionate.
There is plenty of information you can find on the internet. If you are considering to undertake the surgery then you must be aware of everything.

Here we have grouped 10 most significant liposuction facts one must know before the surgery.

1. The first ever procedures like Lipo-surgery were executed in the 1920s, but the outcome wasn’t as expected. In 1982 a French surgeon named Dr. Yves Gerard Illouz, invented the modern-day techniques that are practiced today. Now the results are better and less adverse.

2. The procedure liposuction called by many various names. It is known as liposculpture, lipectomy, lipoplasty or just lipo etc. These are all the same procedure. In India Liposuction cost around 35,000 and 1,80,000 depending on the surgical procedure.

3. The surgery removes the unwanted fat from a certain area of the body. But it cannot remove all of the fat. The surgery only works for the people who have little fat on their body, or who has close to their ideal body. The surgery does small, area-oriented fat removal. An obese patient or overweight person cannot have the procedure to have an ideal body.

4. What many patients are not aware of that liposuction can transfer body fat from to another place in the body. The famous face filler surgery is done by taking fat from the buttocks.

5. Many people have the misconception that the surgery is for only cosmetic benefits,
The surgery doesn’t have only cosmetic benefits, it is useful for the people who are suffering from edema or swelling around the body. The condition develops due to specific lymph fluids depositing in certain tissues make it look bigger. The liposuction procedure can help to get rid of it.

6. The surgery needs may be general or local anesthesia on the targeted places. Usually, general anesthesia used for larger areas where the patients need to be unconscious. But in smaller procedures, doctors give local anesthesia, in the small procedures’ patients might require to stay awake even stand still for the procedure.

7. Another procedure is not regularly used today. It is one of the popular procedures which include inserting fluid into the required area. The doctor will decide the volume of adrenaline and anesthetic fluids should be used. If you’re looking for consultation of liposuction surgeon in India, then you must visit our Radiance Cosmedic Centre today.

8. Many might be confused with the pain felt post-surgery, well there nothing to be feared about. The pain is not that tormenting. It feels like a bad bruise and gets healed by a week.

9. With the advancement of science, the techniques and technology are getting better so as results. In the present days, the surgery has better results and fewer risks.

10. Sometimes maybe, it can take about a month to see the result, depending on the patients healing process. The treated area might look bulky at first but as the swelling goes off the real results comes out. Patients should maintain their results with proper diet and healthy living.

Before the surgery indulging in a consultation is recommended.

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