Working hard all long day will make your body a little bit tired at night, especially when there are so many things you have to complete before going to sleep. A commonly bad habit is to eat junk food or drink coffee at late night, this will definitely destroy your health gradually in a silent way. No matter how old you are, keeping a balanced diet is more important than putting yourself into health-risk just because of satisfying your bad habit. In those moments, a healthy drink will save your soul, but what is exactly a healthy drink? Is it delicious or cool? The answer is that the drink must be very fresh and bring enough nutrition and vitamins so that our body could keep itself in the best status. Many people recommend drinking fruit juice and some kind of tea
In the framework of this writing, we will suggest you some healthy drinks for night time. Continue reading to get more information!

1. Fruit Juice
Staying up late will easily take away our strength, it even makes our immunity weaker. Therefore, a cup of fresh fruit juice rich in vitamin C can be considered as one of nutritious and healthy drinks for night time which helps you boost your power easily. Some fruits such as oranges, strawberries, lemons, tomatoes, etc. will be a good choice. You can also add some sugar into fruit juice, or just keep it pure.

2. Milk
Another healthy drink for night time is milk. We can refresh our body by drinking a cup of milk, which is very delicious and makes no pressure to our stomach. You also should drink warm milk to be more active and productive. Besides providing nutrition for our body, a cup of milk also contains amino acid tryptophan which helps the body produce the vital hormones to soothe and relax the nerves.

3. Honey Warm Water
Honey is well-known as a miracle remedy in beautifying both inside and outside of the body. Thus, drinking a cup of honey warm water will have great effects on improving skin beauty and losing weight. Many people highly appreciate this as a healthy drink for night time because of its miraculous effects. In addition, the honey warm water also helps to repel all the fat that accumulates in our body, provides excellent antioxidants, strengthens the immune system, and fights against disease and premature aging.

4. Mineral Water
This one is so popular and common with us that maybe none of us appreciates its high effects. Mineral water is considered as one of the healthy drinks for night time because it helps your nerves stay alerted and strengthen your eyesight a lot. Therefore, if you stay up late at night for studying or working, you should drink mineral water. However, in order to reduce the harm of some ingredients such as chloride, nitrate, etc. down to a minimum, you should boil this drink about 3 – 5 minutes. If you are looking for healthy drinks for night time, a cup of water will definitely an easy choice.

5. Hops Tea
We suppose that you used to hear about how people use hops in making beer, but hops’ impact is more impressive than your expectation. You can easily find hops in markets or natural food stores, take it to home and use it as a wonderful stress reliever. Hops tea will be an excellent healthy drink for calming down your nerves and relaxing your brain. Let’s drink it more frequently.

6. Pure Coconut Water
Besides the usefulness in making us sleep better, coconut water is also good at boosting our energy at night. It is rich in both potassium and magnesium – the two ingredients that relax your muscles. It also contains a relative quantity of vitamin B, which has a great effect on reducing stress. You can easily buy the pure coconut water in the super markets, then bring it to home and enjoy. It can become one of your favorite healthy drinks for night time indeed.

7. Banana Smoothie
Bananas are among the fruits containing a quite big quantity of potassium and magnesium. It works very well in maintaining blood pressure and muscle contraction and eliminating the fatigue. The nutritious ingredients including in bananas can also be converted into glucose quickly, then producing abundant energy for our body. Therefore, the banana smoothie is also one of the best-recommended healthy drinks for night time when you have to stay up late working or studying.

8. Ovaltine
If you are a lack of sleep, a cup of Ovaltine mixed with warm milk will be a suitable and healthy drink for the night time. Ovaltine provides us a high amount of magnesium, this will help us relax better and get a sweet dream.

9. Mint Tea
Drinking mint tea with a little lemon juice is good for our body after a hard-working day. This kind of tea is used to soothe the stomach, reduce the feeling of nausea, stress, and anxiety. Because of its popularity, many people among us do not know much about its usefulness, but we highly recommend everyone to use it as a healthy drink for night time.

10. Almond Milk
Almonds are especially rich in magnesium and vital minerals for deep sleep. Researchers say that the low level of magnesium in your body leads to the sleeplessness. If you are so tired of sleeplessness, a cup of almond milk will be a wonderful remedy.

These above are 10 healthy drinks for night time in this article that we suggest being involved in your daily diet. However, these drinks are not enough for a healthy body, you should care more about your working time, breaking time and sleeping time because no remedy can recover an exhausted body but you yourself. Let’s make a healthy lifestyle with all of our advice.

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