Finance plays a role of utmost importance in any enterprise. The whole infrastructure depends on the appropriate management of finance with knowledge of risk as well as investment options. With the ever-growing demand of qualified people to handle your finances both on individual and business level, finance professional is the demand of the hour.

If you are a working professional or a graduate with finance as your favorite subject, then lookout for an MBA in Finance. MBA admission 2020 is around the corner and all you need is to prepare for the MBA entrance exam to join the course.

The curriculum includes in-depth knowledge of finance including the stock market, real estate, commercial as well as investment. MBA in Finance prepares you for market trading, global economy, investment banking and builds a solid foundation in finance.
After completing an MBA in Finance the freshers has a long list of job opportunities to choose from.

Let us discuss the top 10 job options for freshers of MBA finance.

Accounting Manager
If you are a good listener and have the ability to manage your time, then the Accounting manager is a well-suited job for you. It includes timely management of day to day operations, making reports of finance and ensuring the use of accurate methods and policies of accounting, and looking and analyzing data of accounts.

Financial Analyst
Did you observe yourself as being analytical regarding investments? Work as a Financial analyst in banks, companies providing insurance or pension to guide businesses and individuals regarding bonds, stocks and all kinds of investments.

Cash manager
You can now be a certified Cash Manager that is a Certified Treasury Professional for the administration of procedures regarding payments, refunds, and bank accounts. This post is available in several organizations like healthcare agency.

Manager Consultants
Aspirants who have a knack of savings are apt for being Manager Consultant. This job requires you to come up with new techniques in business for problem-solving and performance enhancement. Private as well as the public sector seeks management consultants for development by cost reductions and increased savings.

Investment Banking Associates
Looking for a job where you can portray your communication skills, you should be an investment banking associate. This role requires to interact with clients for transactions and on a larger scale mergers and acquisitions.

Real Estate or Insurance Finance Manager
Another job option today is in the field of insurance. Customers purchasing an asset like real estate or vehicle require guidance regarding risk, claims, purchase formalities, warranties, dealing with lending agencies. Insurance finance manager comes to rescue for dealing with all brokers, investigators, actuaries, underwriters, and other specialists.

Credit Managers & Specialists
If you have a good understanding of credits, be a credit Manager. An organization employs credit manager to handle all credit-related aspects like, granting credit, applying credit policy, analyze potential customers for whether to provide credit allowance or not and timely payment of the amount. The managers have a lookout for all the risks and decide payment terms and ensure that due action is being taken for enforcement of procedures.
Commercial or Investment Banker
A great scope is available in the field of an Investment Banker as every enterprise, as well as individuals, requires to manage their money in credit card purchases, by investing their money or getting loans for business. The investment banker is responsible for selling and purchasing of stocks, bonds, deposits of loans and issue IPO’s.

Corporate Controllers
Be a Corporate controller if you have an inclination towards handling budgets. The job of Corporate Controller handles financial activities, managerial accounting, all high-end activities of accounting and work towards managing budget and expenditure,

Finance Treasurers
Organizations require financial managers for very basic tasks as well. Finance treasurers are responsible for managing financial affairs like bank selection, cash management, supervise financial operations, bookkeeping, tracking fixed assets, bank statement reconcilement, funding, and budgeting.

Clearing the MBA entrance exam to enter MBA with finance is a good option as a formal qualification in finance will enhance your problem-solving skills, communication, and interpersonal skills and ability to analyze reports and thereby coming with solutions. It will prepare you for every aspect of financial reporting and provide with you ample experience to be prepared for the employment world.

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