Natural Diuretic Drink
Fruit juices can work well as a diuretic, but there are a number of other drinks that are diuretic in nature. Take coffee, for example. If you are one of those people who finds that drinking coffee makes you pee a little more than you normally would, there’s a reason for that.

Many drinks with a high caffeine content work as a diuretic, coffee being a prime example, but this also goes for high-caffeine energy drinks—Monster, Red Bull, and so on. However, it is not recommended to consume these energy drinks on a regular basis.

There are also a number of teas that can work as a diuretic. Dandelion tea has long been used as an herbal diuretic. Green tea can work too, as can parsley tea, ginger tea, and fennel tea. However, if you are used drinking too much tea or coffee every day, you might not notice any difference.

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