Finding the perfect location for your cinematic videos necessitates a blend of research, planning, and creativity. There are several eye-pleasing locations which will keep your audience glued to their screens. Location scouting for that awesome video involves taking into consideration proper lighting, budget, and lenses.

You should consider locations that compliment your story. You will require strong visual enhancement to add on to the causative effects of your cinematic video. Let us look at some of the top 10 eye pleasing locations to shoot your videos.

1. Mountains

The imagery of mountains has always been fascinating especially to people in the creative industry such as photographers, artists, and videographers among others. The several aspects accompanied by the image of a mountain such as snow, mist, and haze goes a long way in ensuring that your videos have that cinematic feel.

You can also take advantage of the weather for instance, on a sunny day, the piercing rays passing through a portion of the mountains can be a unique filming opportunity. A clear blue sky can add that extra warmth your video giving it a more relaxed theme. The best way to choose a mountainous area for your video is by considering the shape of the mountains, and the type of rock. Mt. Fuji and Mt. Kita would be a nice consideration.

2. Islands

Islands provide that dream scenery of paradise which is an escape from the normal activities of city life. You can go deep into the native jungles to capture that wild cinematic theme. You might also ask to include the native people in the area to your film to make it more authentic.

The breathtaking countryside offered by the numerous islands will provide your audience. You don't have to go to the famous Maldives to create an outstanding video. Local Islands will do just fine depending on your budget. The Yaeyama islands would serve a great deal for a video shoot.

3. Beaches

What makes the beach an ideal sight for shooting cinematic videos is the widespread availability of aesthetically pleasing items. The crystal aquamarine color of the ocean paired up by the sandy shores provides a great background for your video.

You can consider capturing the marine life of species such as crabs as they walk on the sand while filming your subject. You will have to take advantage of the sunset as it can be a magnificent view to include in your project. For example, the sunset at Enoshima beach is eye-catching. You can go to the beach when it’s least crowded to avoid interruptions from crowds and bystanders.

4. Caves

The lighting provided by caves can be used to come up with outstanding cinematic videos that will impress your viewers. You might want to gather your lighting gear just in case you need more lighting when recording.

Depending on the genre you are recording for, filming inside a cave can bring out that thrilling effect in your film. You can create shadows as you see fit by adjusting your lighting accordingly. You can find suitable caves along your local beaches that will act as an ideal location. The Ryusendo and Kankanedo caves are adventurous enough for cinematic shoots.

5. Historical sites

If you are interested in a more classical theme then the best place for such an effect is at historical sites such as museums, and landmarks. You don't have to go inside the building, just the environment surrounding the building is enough to provide a cinematic experience.

You will have to determine a strategic viewpoint by setting your camera angle appropriately. You should consider tourists who crowd such sites during the peak season. You can decide to visit the site earlier on in the day before the place becomes crowded. Take advantage of the soft light provided by the sunrise to improve your video quality. You should also have the necessary permits required for shooting in such a site. Meiji Jingu is a sacred shrine to Emperor Meiji and this can work well for your videography.

6. Forests

The forest provides a unique experience of the flora and fauna which can be quite pleasing to your audience. You can edit your video to begin by displaying the natural landscape of the forest. The famous Aokigahara Suicide Forest would be a suitable location.

Take up close shots of insects and the grass while emphasizing on the color contrast. There are several local areas that can provide that natural theme for your video. The bushes and tall trees with sun rays peeping through the cracks provides relevant lighting for a cinematic effect. The sound of nature is always an interesting part of cinematography.

7. Lakes and oceans

Water bodies such as oceans and lakes provide remarkable backgrounds for cinematic shooting. The low tides and currents with the oceanic backdrop allow your audience to stay engaged with the subject while observing the beautiful scenery surrounding him/her.

You will, however, have to be cautious not to get water into your equipment. Stability is key when shooting a video on a water body. For example, Lake Kiwa has a conducive environment for video shoots. A great time to record videos is on a calm day to capture the reflection of the water and the foams.

The weather plays a key role in determining the color of the water body. A dark sky will provide a gray sea giving it a moody theme to evoke the emotions of your subject.

8. Hot air balloon

The overhead view provided by a hot air balloon is one to try out when creating spectacular videos. You can float over any landscape composition and still come up with a captivating video. You will have to gain stability as you move across different places for your video to appear professional. You can conduct online research to find hot air balloon services in your area for an opportunity to create engaging content while having fun yourself.

9. On top of a skyscraper

A skyscraper soars up in the sky providing a majestic view of other buildings as well as the horizon. You can always take advantage of such a view by including it in your video.

It doesn't have to be the tallest building in the world but the right height will do just fine. Find an appropriate section on the roof of the building that will provide sufficient light and less disturbance. Midtown Tower being among the tallest skyscrapers provides a conducive environment for videography.

10. Waterfall

The white foam formed by waterfalls can be an attribute in your video. The rushing water falling on rocks and being led downstream can be a suitable location for most cinematic videos.

You might cut out extra noise while editing your footage to suit your preferences. This is because a waterfall location might become too noisy hence preventing your audience from enjoying the video. You can consider the Nachi and the Kegon Falls.

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