Wealth is a concept that is often misunderstood. More times than not it is related to material
things and money. Wealth is not just stuff. Wealth is a state of mind. A way of thinking and
being. Wealth is about abundance in all areas of life, and there are three major areas that must
be covered for one to live a well balanced life. Any one of these being out of sync can topple
the triangle. Learning to balance each one and gain as much understanding of each is important.

The three areas of the triangle of wealth are finances, health, and relationships. Each has their
own science and understanding and each effects the other two. Take the time to develop each
in your life and you will begin to recognize a life full of abundance. We were created with the
intention of having the things we desire in abundance. It is our birth right, our god given right
to live life to the fullest and enjoy everything we desire in abundance.

The first of the triangle of wealth is finances. Of course, wealth is much more than just money
and material things, however, it is something that cannot be overlooked. The average person
spends close to 1/3 of their life trying to solve this area of the triangle and usually end up failing
miserably. The ability to take care of ones financial situation creates opportunities other wise not
available to the average person. Finances are all about our well being and survival. The ability
to have enough cash in ones bank account allows one to have the freedom to what one wants
to do with their time. It feeds us. It clothes us. It houses us. It is basic survival and necessity.

The second on the triangle of wealth is health. It does us no good to have tons of money and great
relationships if we are unable to enjoy them becuase of our health. Imagine having all the money
in the world, and having to stay in bed because of not maintaining ones health. This is why health is
on the triangle. Without the proper maintainance of ones health, one is unable to go out and create
a fortune. Proper diet and exercise should be on the daily schedule of every person developing a
mindset of wealth. Besides, what good is anything if you won't live long enough to enjoy it.

The final corner of the triangle of wealth is relationships. The ability to travel and experience the
world is great. The ability to afford all the fine things in life is a wonderful goal. Having the health
to be able to do so is also a fantastic thing, however, none of it is very enjoyable without company
and companionship. This can be from a significant other to friends and co-workers. It is our relationships
and our connections that really add value to our experiences in life. There is no greater force on the
planet than love. One will do a hundred times more for someone they love than they will for themselves.

The ability to balance all three of these areas is what true wealth is about. Balancing these areas is much more
than just having them in ones life. A relationship with someone that makes one miserable on a daily basis
is not wealth. Making tons of money by hurting, killing, and stealing from other people is not wealth either.
The ability to develop all three of these areas in both abundance and balance is what true wealth is about.
To experience life to the fullest because of these three areas is wealth, and wealth is available to all of us
as soon as we learn to focus on the important areas of wealth.

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