Now winter is almost here. Snow canopies the paths and the houses. Throughout this harsh climate, we are likely to spend almost all of our time on the sofa coated with a cup of coffee in the blankets. We wear a pair of fun socks to hold our feet warm and to curl up in our cozy lounger with a book by the fireplace.

Sufficient talk about what we're doing during the winter. Now there's snow outside, you know it's very well that your carpet gets extra dust, dirt, mud, and other pollutants that come in from outside. If you live in a snow-prone place, deep cleaning of your carpet is a perfect way to get rid of the salt and grime that tends to accumulate in carpet fibers. A good cleaning of your carpets ensures you can avoid stains, dirt, and grime that can sometimes follow the snow. A tip, you can leave snowy boots and shoes by the door while you have your carpets properly washed, so you can avoid the mess on your carpet.

Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Clean Up Your Carpet:

  • Unlike in spring, summer or fall, during winter you'll spend most of your time indoors. This environment is limiting mobility and visitors alike. You must keep your doors locked and your windows closed. And, if you have a filthy carpet, it will greatly worsen the indoor air quality. It could be unsafe for you and your family because you are within the house most of the time, this could be unsafe for you all. It is also hard enough that winter is a time when people are suffering from cold and flu, and introducing poor indoor air quality will make problems like asthma and allergies much worse.
  • Quick time to dry comparison with summer, spring, and fall. Owing to lower ambient humidity the carpet can likely dry quicker in cold weather. There's also heat on which drying times will benefit even more! That means you don't have to wait for your carpet to dry for the few hours it usually will take.
  • It gets your home ready for visitors. Another purpose for winter carpet cleaning is that you want it to look perfect, attractive and nice during the holidays to visit families and friends. Fresh and clean carpets make your home feel safe, welcoming and new.
  • Soiled and filthy carpets are toxic to your family and to you. Imagine waiting until the clothes are filthy until they are laundered. It would be dangerous and they'd definitely start smelling until they looked dirty. Carpets aren't any different.
    A clean carpet will give you a decent look. A new, fresh carpet is a perfect way to help fight the winter doldrums.
  • Remember, if you can't see your carpet's toxins, stains, and contaminants, there's an enormous amount you don't see rubbing away on your carpet gradually yet steadily.

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