We want spirituality or metaphysics to be easier: they are. It’s just that we’re so practiced at doing life the hard way. But, “easier” is really just one right thought away.

Any “off” feelings I have (feelings that don’t feel good) are clear indicators to me that I’m practicing resistance. The intensity of the feeling(s) indicates how much resistance I’m practicing. Once my awareness is on this, I can pay attention to what my resistance is (what I’m practicing), and that I can stop doing it.

We tend to think that our better practice, if we do it right, is supposed to stop any and all contrasts (triggers for our resistance) from ever happening again. No. And, you’ll feel and do a lot better if you understand that your practice is to help you be better at thinking your thoughts, rather than your thoughts thinking you, before, during, and after a contrast.

One big contrast is the idea that we’re supposed to be spiritual or metaphysical superstars. The result of this is that not only are we trying to figure out what our practice is and how to do it, but we carry guilt and self-condemnation for not already being a “superstar” or for not becoming one after a very short time of minimal, sporadic practice.

It’s time to toss away these feelings and start using contrasts and resistance for our benefit. Contrasts and resistance are like checking yourself in the mirror. You can choose to love and appreciate what you see, choose to loathe and criticize it, or choose to improve. Sometimes the best choice at the moment is to feel a bit better, which may be as simple as releasing resistance about whatever currently has your attention. You can assist yourself if you begin to think of resistance as an opportunity to practice how to let it go. The more you practice this, the better and faster you get at it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a lot of practice chewing on one or more negative thoughts the same way a dog chews on a bone. These days I’m paying a great deal more attention when I do this. I catch myself doing this and ask, “What do I really want to create more of, really want to feel?” If I don’t want more of what I’m thinking about or feeling, I need to let those thoughts go (be willing to let those thoughts go) and find a general good feeling I prefer, and step into it. And, do this as many times as it takes.

Here’s how to release resistance AND move into better thoughts and feelings: Let go of negative specifics. By “negative specifics” I mean rehashing the past, negatively anticipating the future, and complaining or criticizing. Each of these leads you into more or stronger resistance, as well as “digs the hole you’re in deeper.” You want to go general. General means to say something to your self like, “It’s beautiful outside today” or “I love moments when I feel really good, really in flow.” Maybe recall a time when the Universe gave you an awesome surprise or affirmation.

When you go general, your intention should be to tap into a good feeling and hold that vibration, without thinking any specific thoughts. Be deliberate about this practice, especially when you feel any feeling you’d label as undesired. Return to this feeling as often as you need or want to. This practice creates desired shifts because it releases you from resistance, which blocks desired outcomes and feelings.

Our tendency is to practice being in the frequency vibration of what we perceive as a problem rather than be in the frequency vibration of a, or the, solution. No solution can come to us, either as an inspired idea or an experience, as long as we wallow in thoughts and emotions about how we don’t like a particular contrast. That’s like tuning the radio to a Heavy Metal station and expecting to hear classical music. If you want to feel and be a particular way, you have to align your frequency vibration – your energy radio dial – to the station you prefer.

Here’s the “simple, but not necessarily easy” aspect of this: Any better feeling is truly always just one right thought away. The reason it’s not easier is because we’re so practiced at doing the opposite. It’s not easier, because our ego-aspect is attached to being right, to feeling secure only when it knows the how, what, when, and who solution rather than trusting the solution or desired experience will arrive, if we just let go of resistance vibrations. Trust in Source or the Universe is also just one right thought away.

One right thought is worthiness. You are worthy, but you may not allow yourself to feel it, because of all the opposite thoughts you practice. It’s the same for abundance, serenity, joy, and any other wonderful feeling you enjoy or desire to enjoy. They are all only one thought away.

Maybe like me, you too have experienced this as Truth, from time to time. However, it does have to be the right thought, that is, the right thought for YOU – the thought that gets you over the bump or hump and into your better-feeling energy vibration. The right thought is the one that results in you feeling in alignment and or in appreciation. Sometimes you may have to sift through a lot of thoughts to find The One that does it for you. Sometimes, especially with practice, you can find the right thought quite quickly, if you follow the path of going general to release resistance.

But just as I said about the superstar idea causing you to feel bad about yourself, you are not to stress or strain about finding the right thought either. I’m going to repeat this because it is important: Go general and create a shift simply by remembering a moment that felt really good, when you felt a way you loved feeling, and hold that vibration without practicing specific thoughts. Allow knowing that you have the power to choose your thoughts and the knowledge of what a right thought can do for you, to help you feel empowered, no matter what contrast appears.

What you want and want to feel is there for you as soon as you match your vibration to it. You can match your vibration to what you desire as soon as you cease practice of any resistance vibrations, which often are about your focus on the perceived absence of what you desire. It’s a good practice, one you’ll appreciate.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer

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