What do you know about wedding engagement? "Engagement" can easily be defined as "a formal agreement to get married" Is not that a simple way to put it? Let me get to the meat of the matter !!

The engagement

In ancient times, it was very common for a girl's father to decide for her who she should go out with. But we have evolved over the years ...

... yes, things have changed.

The only thing left is that the danger somehow still gets involved in the process. By that I mean the groom will ask the father of the upcoming bride for her hand in the marriage. This was considered a way to cement the relationship between the future groom and his future father-in-law.

Let me see if I can break down the "tradition" behind the wedding engagement a little more for you!

Since history, there has been a ritual involved that includes the exchange of gifts, property, or other possessions from the future groom to the parents of the future bride. Doing this was considered an important part of the marriage contract, it was not just ceremonial. It was considered a contract because the bride's family would forever lose her to another family and they would have to be compensated for it.

Talk about bartering and swapping your daughter for food and worldly possessions.

Let's fast forward to more modern times.

For some couples, they are planning a year of wedding engagement to make the necessary preparations for their wedding. This is because some of the most "popular" wedding planning specialists can be booked anywhere between 12 and 18 months in advance. It's not as long as it sounds, believe me!

Now let's look at the message!

It is only true to say that the first people to be told about this plan are to be the parents of the bride, then the parents of the groom.

A very important point to be aware of: This announcement should not be made at someone else's wedding period !!.

Other family members and close friends should also be informed before a formal notice is published in the newspaper or any other publication for that matter.

However, if you decide to publish your wedding engagement announcement in any publications, please note the following:

Most publications prefer to announce engagement between one and six months before the actual date of the wedding

The bride or groom must make it a duty to contact the chosen publisher to find the specific procedure and time.

Publishers can provide you with a basic standard application form that must be completed with information, including but not limited to the following:
first, middle and last names
the names of the parents and their hometowns
schools you and your spouse attended and degrees received
current job title and employer name
date, time and place of the wedding
The publisher (s) sometimes only accept professional photographs that must be published with both the engagement and wedding announcements

However, some have space limitation requirements and can only accept only one photo. You will need to agree with your spouse which message you prefer to accompany with the single photo

If the groom's parents live some distance away from the bride's parents, the bride's parents must be able to provide all the necessary information for the wedding engagement notice in the groom's home publication (s). https://www.raysantanaphotography.com/

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