These days it's pretty easy to tag the word consultant at the end of anything and charge a premium for whatever topic you're "consulting" on. The way I see it, as time goes by, the word "Consultant" keeps losing value, probably for the reason mentioned above. My field of expertise is online marketing and this got me thinking about what it really takes to be an online marketing consultant.

First of all, I think it's safe to say that there are many different types of marketing consultants - strategic thinkers, day-to-day project managers, general implementers, or specialists - and each has very different price tags, but what you give them right to call themselves a consultant?

I became a marketing consultant from hundreds of online projects where I have been at the forefront of decision making. If I were looking to hire a consultant for any purpose, I would expect that person to have seen and solved problems similar to my problem in a variety of companies over and over again, almost to the point where it is now so easy for them that it bores them, no?

An internet marketing consultant must have experienced variety. I have been fortunate to work with clients who have big budgets, and believe me, when you enter one of these companies, the strategies that you put in place are very different from when you work with a small budget with a startup. . Working with both types of companies requires quick thinking that builds on skills like strategic thinking to a detailed understanding of internet marketing skills such as PPC, SEO, media buying, and funnel conversion analysis.

These are the types of skills that an online marketing consultant can gain from working within an agency for several years, but the difference between working in an agency and consulting model is that with consulting you are really in business. Agencies are usually a single discipline like SEO or PPC. When my clients hire me as an online marketing consultant, they get my experience, variety and my project management team, which allows me, as a consultant, to have a broader vision. Nothing pleases me more than when I witness a penny drop - the moment when the business owner or managing director really understands where marketing fits into their business model,

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What it takes to be an online marketing consultant