Oh, for a magic word or phrase that would make this manifestation thing easier! Is there a proper language you can use? Absolutely.

We would appreciate if manifestation of what we truly desire was as easy as uttering (or shouting) Abracadabra! Interestingly, that word is derived from Avra Kehdabra, which means, “I will create as I speak.” You’ve likely heard or read this so many times already: The source field matches, as a manifested experience, what you communicate to it. What deters, alters, or repels what we want is if we don’t use the language properly for the Law of what we would call Desired Manifestations.

Of course, most of us know we speak to ourselves and others in a number of ways: with words, actions, facial expressions, hand gestures, conscious thoughts, subconscious thoughts, and state of mind. Just as we can improve our communication skills we can train ourselves to communicate better or properly with the field of manifestation that Source created for our use.

No matter how many systems about attraction or manifestation you study, to be effective, you must communicate in the right language; and that language is a specific feeling. You can use words to write it or say it, but unless you really FEEL it, you are not communicating it. Not really feeling it is like sending a signal that travels so far then stops before it reaches its destination. You may call this feeling gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness, or something else that matches the specific idea of this; but this is the language that will send what you truly desire into your frame of reference. I say frame of reference because everything you desire is available. It is up to you to believe it is yours to receive and to receive it.

Any feeling opposite of gratitude, appreciation, or thankfulness communicates belief in lack rather than in availability, which causes non-delivery or delivery of less than what you want. This opposite supplies you with exactly what you communicate: I say I want this good thing, but most of my behaviors and thoughts communicate the opposite. By my own ways, I oppose delivery of exactly what I say I want or something even better.

But you know this. So why is it so darn difficult to just do this? You are well-practiced at communicating in negatives and doubt instead of in positives and faith. You are a master of fear, worry, and perceiving and speaking scarcity and lack. The way to build your communication skills and become a master of desired manifestations is to catch yourself when you begin to feel the opposite and remember what works; that the Law works to fulfill what you communicate. Find something, anything, to appreciate. Each night or each morning, make a list of 5 to 10 things you appreciate in your life, and really feel the appreciation. Train yourself to get into the habit of feeling appreciation.

You are conditioned to believe you have to wait for something to show up or change to your liking to feel this, but the truth is you have to feel it first so that something can show up or change to your liking, to match what you feel. The feeling is your heartfelt invitation for what you desire to become your experience. When you feel anything else, it is like not sending an invitation or not opening the door, or more accurately, not accepting the invitation sent to you by Source to receive what you request. This has been repeated by the masters over thousands of years. It has always been a truth, and the only way you can create the shift in your life that you desire is to first create it in you . . . despite appearances. Appearances are the result of what caused them. And any appearance can shift when you reframe how you perceive it.

Yes, clear mental images complete your deliberate communication, but genuine gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness for What Has Been, What Is, and What Can and Will Be starts and completes the conversation. This type of conversation allows you to be at one with Source’s desire to fulfill any request and with the Law of Manifestation. This may be your greatest challenge: to realize this as truth and to live it in trusting faith. It may feel difficult to do this and do this consistently, but you will get better at it with daily practice.

Appreciation shifts you from thinking and feeling opposed to what you want. Appreciation opens you to feel trusting faith, whenever feeling that is a challenge to you at first. Appreciation conveys that you are thankful, and this translates into you allowing more to appreciate to come to you. When you genuinely value what you receive for all it provides or teaches, you receive even more to appreciate . . . because you GET what IT Is All About and what you are truly capable of. A related example is when you send a gift to someone and never receive an expression of appreciation. If this happens repeatedly, you stop sending gifts. In the case of manifestation, you, not Source, are both giver and receiver. Source empowered each of us in this way.

Start from where you are today. Appreciate that Source provides a way for YOU to manifest and that you are aware of how it works. The quote, "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime," is a good example of what Source created for us: an infinitely abundant manifestation ocean, the tackle (tools) to fish with, and awareness of how to use these tools. Let go of thoughts such as, “I hope I can catch a fish,” or “I never catch any fish,” or even, “I really need a fish,” and hold onto, “I know that all I have to do is drop my line in and in right timing the fish I desire is/are mine.” Note: If you want a bigger fish, you have to use a bigger hook. In manifestation this translates into asking more largely.

Appreciation is an integral part of your asking.

You are what you practice.
© Joyce Shafer

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