As business owners, we all know, no prospects mean no business. And to transform efforts into profits, a strong sales pipeline is required.
Therefore, generating leads on a regular basis is a must for business continuity and growth. Interestingly, the more revenue a company has, the more leads it can generate. So, now we exactly know what the fuel is.
Research states,
• Only 4% of website visitors can be potential buyers
• 88% of B2B marketers leverage content marketing as a lead generation tactic
• Marketers who touch-base with web leads within 5 minutes are nine times more likely to crack the deal
• Lead-nurturing emails have the potential to drive the response rate ten times compared to standalone emails
Believe it or not, quality leads play a huge role in business success and can only be derived from a quality audience.
But is it easy to deploy your in-house sales and marketing teams to do all the groundwork, like building up a database, making cold calls instead of focusing on conversions? It isn’t a great idea to spend on tools that might be going over the marketing budget.
I am sure all this is quite a jigsaw puzzle (we help you solve).
Demand generation is difficult. Sending cold emails, running campaigns on social media, dealing with the caller list can prove to be useless if not done the right way.
So, why not achieve lead generation goals by deploying methods that have the potential to add value to your prospects?
In the digital era, professional demand generation solutions companies, marketing qualified leads companies, and data solutions and management companies offer tailor-made solutions that increase quality lead generation and expedite business success.
Listed below are some lead generation solutions that help skyrocket quality leads and conversions.
1. Installed base campaigns: In this solution, marketers concentrate both on closing the deal along with focusing on the consumer journey.
Further, installed base marketing can support lead generation and marketing efforts by
• Creating highly effective email campaigns that have the potential to increase open and click-through rates.
• Enabling marketers to save time by automatically searching for a prospect’s technology stack.
• Creating a targeted account list as per industry, employee strength, revenue and current technologies in use.
2. Customized B2B marketing solutions: B2B marketing means selling to an audience that is a high-level decision-maker with a set of complexities, demands and obligations.
A customized B2B marketing solutions company works out solutions to fit business needs, and that is what makes the real difference.
Take a look at the benefits of customized B2B marketing solutions,
• Right message: The modern lead generation strategy enables businesses to deliver the right message to the right customer.
• Perfect timing: Not just tailor-made messages, but the time of sending these messages is monitored for better results.
• Right channel: No business is the same and the audience is widespread. Therefore, a blend of emails, social media and phone conversation is a must. The choice of the right communication channel works as a tried a tested lead generation strategy.
3. Content syndication marketing: The basic fundamental behind content syndication marketing is publishing and re-publishing content on platforms that can drive traffic and enable sales.
As a part of the content syndication program, professional content syndication providers leverage B2B marketing techniques and publish a variety of content such as whitepapers, blogs, podcasts, vlogs, videos or webcasts to build brand awareness and drive ROI.
Benefits of content syndication marketing
• Boosts online presence
• Improves website traffic
• Creates brand awareness

4. B2B appointment setting services: There is no fixed formula for sales. Frequently changing technology and other developments make the sales cycle trickier and unpredictable. Therefore, it is a great move to have your sales lineup full of appointments ready for your best deal closers.
Why opt for B2B appointment setting services?
• To attract more sales opportunities
• Identify buyer persona
• Leverage customized solutions
• Work on improved lead quality
No two businesses are the same (yes, even if they belong to the same industry). Factors such as demographics, geography, goals, and budget do not permit the use of the standard marketing mix or technique universally.
Based on the dynamics of your business, a combination of the above solutions under expert guidance can reap benefits.

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