The English Premier League is fantastic - the climax of the 2011/2012 season was just fantastic.

We have big name teams and there is massive rivalry between the clubs. A number of Premier League teams have new stadiums, so going to a match is a good thing to do when you're in England - even if you're not into football, it's good to keep up with the atmosphere and experience. However, be warned that tickets can be very expensive and any food or drink you buy at the stadium is very, very expensive.

The reason the Premier League is so good is that most of the players are foreign. So whether you are from Germany, Holland, Italy, Argentina or an African state that no one has heard of you will find a player you recognize. I quickly looked at the percentage of goals scored by non-English players for Manchester City last season, 86%!

We probably also have more foreign leaders than English. This means that the interviews in English on TV are always fascinating. Your typical English football fan does not speak foreign languages, so they have no hope of understanding what the leaders are saying. I think some of these leaders also use the situation to their advantage to avoid answering difficult questions. Listen to some of the interviews and see for yourself.

The other leagues in England can also provide entertaining matches, but there is a big difference in standard between the Premier League and the others. In the championship, for example, you will see a much more traditional English football, where the goalkeeper and defenders start the ball as far up the pitch as they can. Their team then loses the ball and the other team comes back and tries to score a goal - if they fail, the goalkeeper and defenders start the ball as far up the field as they can ........... the picture!

Some of the football songs fans create are amazing. The English sense of humor lives and thrives in our football stadiums! Try listening to the words, or have someone explain the songs to you.

The worst job you can get in English football is National Coach! Goodbye! There are many theories as to why the national team has not won anything since 1866, sorry 1966.

The main excuses are: -
1. Everyone hates us
2. We do not have enough good English players in the Premier League
The big competitions are usually in the summer, which is too hot for us
4. Our players play too many matches every season
5. Our players get paid too much money

At the time of writing, the Premier League season is over, so we are looking forward to Euro 2012 and will of course support our national team and new coach. I will watch every match and hope that this time we can do it and win the tournament. Come on boys!

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Our players get paid too much money Our players play too many matches every season