A balloon arch is the ideal way to add style to your celebration or wedding. The easiest way to make this piece is to purchase a pre-made white metal wedding arch. If in case the wedding arch is not available, you could even build an arch with a flexible and sturdy metal wire. Just make sure it's strong enough to stand on its own.

After placing the arch properly, just attach full balloons to the arch with wire or rope tires. Wrap the bow around the bottom of the balloon and then over the bow. It is best to start from the top and work your way down both sides consistently to create a wonderful look. This can also be done with balloons of various colors or a shade of balloons. However, the balloons must be filled with helium. The more balloons you place, the better the piece will turn out.

The complete balloon arch could be used in a variety of places. Some brides prefer to place the balloon arch out of the pathway to the ceremony. This allows guests to pass through the arch in addition to the bride and her attendants. Other brides prefer to use the balloon arch as a ceremonial touch. They want to place it in the ceremony area so that they can be under it as they pronounce their vows. Lastly, many brides also feel that this decoration is more suitable for the reception area and should be decorated for the post-ceremony event.

Tips for decorating balloon arches

o Make sure the room is clear ahead of time; decorators will surely need time to install it. Some salons would also have other events before yours, making it complex or impossible for decorators to finish their work.

o The higher the ceiling, the better the appearance. Hallways that have high ceilings allow for more notable arches and balloon designs.

o Large ballrooms have wide ceilings, use five groups of balloons on the available tables, instead of three. Increase the height of the balloons as it makes the event more festive.

o Almost all hallways prevent balloon decorators from fitting accessories on the walls or ceilings. This could even prevent a falling balloon from being tampered with.

o Additional charges - Since supports, posts, bases are used to make these designs, a charge accumulates, to install and then to remove. Balloon decorators would have to return to collect their supplies, so a breakdown payment is almost always charged.

Wedding balloon decorations are great ways to add fun and creativity. Brides can also make the decorations themselves with their family and friends. These ideas may be inexpensive, but the final product surely looks beautiful!, https://www.yoyoballoons.com/

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Wedding decoration tips with balloons