The wealth of a nation will never be truly measured by how much oil we control, how many guns are in reserve, how much gold is locked away or how many companies are employing people. These things mean nothing when the people themselves are despondent and diminished, starving from a lack of true compassion, unconditional love, profound light, joy or meaning in their lives.

I have walked around various cities in my travels and have witnessed the lifeless eyes and downtrodden spirits of children, teenagers and adults alike. I long to pull each person into my arms, to hug and kiss them, to hold them and to give them what they each most desperately need, the realization that Infinite potential and infinite delight exists within them and that they are here to delight one another and to love one another unconditionally.

If every person could experience profound inner DeLight in their hearts, in their homes, in their relationships, in their communities, there will be an immediate sense of passion, joy and peace sweeping across our countries into our world that would change the future of humanity.

There is nothing in the world so remarkable, transcendental and earth-shattering as the unstoppable force that is profound DeLight. We have all experienced moments of such delight, perhaps while watching a performance as electrifying as Cirque du Soleil or holding something as fragile and magical as a newborn baby in our arms.

We have long believed that peace and love was the answer to all our issues… however, I propose that these things cannot exist without the ineffable power of DeLight to first pave the way.

All living beings are DeLightFull revelations. They are divine lights to uncover, to honor, to fall in love with over and over again. Each one is held sacred for their uniqueness, simply because they contain such a profoundly beautiful, precious treasure within, a delightful, radiant, vibrant facet of the Infinite.

I see this precious jewel again and again inside each and every living being I come across. It is colluded and covered only by our own diminishment of its value. A value that cannot be counted in silver or gold, a priceless treasure that knows not its own divinity, its own purity, and its own perfection.

People exuding and emanating DeLight enlightens and transforms entire communities around them. They positively radiate profound, ecstatic Divine Light & Divine Love. It is all over them and it inevitably draws people to them.
The very least of us, the very poorest of us, those who are in the darkness, in the most pain, and yes, the most hidden of us are to be nurtured and protected as most sacred and most deserving of the very best of our light and love.

DeLight is An Eternal Gift

Experiencing profound DeLight in the moment now is one thing that cannot be taken from us. By remaining in the present, we are fully immersed and overcome with the delight and magic we see unfolding around us.

We are borne with delight and we depart with our DeLight intact. It is the eternal gift we can give unceasingly to one another without limit. DeLight is why we create; it is why we dream; it is why we are here. DeLight is always in our power to create and to manifest from within. DeLight is unlimited, unconditional and never-ending essence of us all.

The endless Ocean of Ecstatic DeLight is eventually what we all return to when we have completed with our present physical experiment.

DeLight is the answer. It is the key. It is the path. It is the door. It is the all-encompassing everything and it is the void of no-thing.

Author's Bio: 

ISIS is a renowned mystic, transformational author, spiritual teacher and giver of Divine Light Awakenings. After several months in enslavement and experiencing several near death experiences, ISIS walked out freed by her captor and transcended what is often described by human trafficking survivors as a fate worse than death.

Her students today include healers, coaches, counselors, public figures and executives who have honored and celebrated ISIS as a Living Miracle and a Blessing for humanity.