If you have ever had the displeasure of being stung by a wasp, you will know that the wasp pests are very painful and at times can be fatal The problems is, that a wasp, such as the paper wasps, are beneficial in that they are the predator of the caterpillar and other destructive insects that attack our plants, namely vegetables. The wasp, though has a habit of building their nests next to man, namely on eaves, in barns, on your porch or in nearby trees. Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets all belong to the same family called Vespidae.

Besides the paper wasp, there are the solitary wasps and the social wasps. The difference between the solitary wasps and the social wasps are how they lay their eggs and act socially.

The solitary wasp acts alone, while the social wasp acts as a unit or a hive. The solitary wasps queen lays each egg in an individual cell, while the social wasp’s queen lays multiple eggs side by side. There is no interaction between the adults and the larvae. As a rule predatory wasps construct their nests underground as opposed to the solitary and social wasps. The social and solitary wasps nests can grow, if allowed to the size of beach balls.

Tips on how to eradicate Wasp Pests:

When dealing with the elimination of any type of wasps, it should be done after dark. The reason being is that the wasps are in a dormant period and you will catch all of them in the nest for a total kill. When you do get rid of wasps, it is a good idea to knock down and remove the existing nests, since it could become the breeding grounds for other types of pests, namely the carpet beetle.

A wasp’s nests, unlike the honeybees, is made of pulp, and not wax, since the wasp has no wax producing glands their nests are paper like in substance.

Since the wasps are vital to natural biocontrol, they are used by farmers to eliminate the various species of insects that are harmful to crops and are considered critically important, because they have little to no impact on the crops.

Wasp Pests sting is venomous!

A wasp’s sting is venomous and those that are allergic to the venom can have fatal results, unless treated immediately with an Epipen, which will counteract the venom of the resulting sting.

Unless you deal in agriculture, the wasp pests are an annoying nuisance that should be immediately dealt with. Get in touch with a professional Pest Control Brisbane company.

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