Beating the YouTube algorithm requires many subscribers. This is because more subscribers mean more views, which means that the YouTube algorithm will suggest your video to users all over YouTube. These tips will help you get more subscribers on YouTube without using any type of hack or shortcut.

The only way to get more subscribers on YouTube is to put in much work.

Why you need more YouTube subscribers?
First, we will cover why getting more subscribers on YouTube is important. You have probably watched a YouTube video where the creator has reminded people to subscribe to their channel. There is a reason.

The most important reason people want subscribers is that they encourage more views. This is because a subscriber gets a notification when a new video is uploaded, which means they are more likely to watch the video.

If they watch the video, then this is another benefit. More views mean more money because many YouTubers will sell product placement in their video or are building a brand on YouTube. It also means that the video is much more likely to get promoted across YouTube.

This is because YouTube likes to promote popular videos because those are videos that the YouTube algorithm thinks people will watch.

The next section will cover a few quick tips to help you get even more subscribers.

#1. Make High-Quality Videos
The first major way to get lots of subscribers is to make high-quality videos. No one will subscribe to your channel if the videos are bad. They just won’t.

This means you should film in the highest quality possible. It would help if you also put out YouTube videos that have a purpose. They should be funny, informative, happy, or any other emotion. The emotion is not particularly relevant. The important part is making sure that they generate emotion and tell a story.

#2. Post Consistently
The next most important factor is consistent posting. You do not want to post sporadically or a random schedule. This means that people will not know when to expect a video or if you even make regular videos.

It just means that they will not check your channel and will forget about you.

This is why you should post on a set schedule and then remind viewers that you post on a schedule. For instance, many YouTubers follow the one video per week schedule. Meaning that they post one video per week for a total of four videos per month.

Now, posting a video every day might sound good, but it can quickly overwhelm subscribers and cause your value to drop. Only the most popular YouTubers, like Casey Neistat, can get away with posting a daily video blog.

#3. Promote your Channel

The next good way to build more subscribers is to promote your channel on the internet.

Most YouTubers think promoting their channel means posting spam comments on popular YouTube videos. These comments will typically tell people that they should visit your channel or watch your video.

This might sound effective, but it rarely works. YouTube users do not like spam and will give your comment a thumbs-down, which will cause it to go to the bottom of the comment feed.

No one will see the comment and no one will visit your channel. Furthermore, those that see your comment will most likely not visit your channel. Some might even angrily respond to your comment, which does not look good.

Instead of posting comments, you should focus on better ways to promote your channel. Some examples include the following:

Collaborate with other YouTubers
One of the most popular and effective methods for promoting your channel is to collaborate with YouTubers in the same niche. This is usually done by doing a video together.

This does two things. First, you get exposure to that YouTuber’s audience, which may not necessarily overlap with your current audience. This means you will usually see a spike in your viewership and your subscribers. Even if you have to pay the other collaborator, this is a affordable way to essentially buy YouTube subscribers.

The other benefit of collaboration is that you can put out that YouTuber’s video on your channel. This means that some of their viewers will come to your channel and possibly subscribe.

Those two reasons are why collaborating with other YouTubers is the best way to promote a channel.

Promote on social media
The other method is to promote your channel on social media. Promoting on social media is a broad topic, but the general concept is to avoid spamming social media.
Instead, focus on providing as much value as you possibly can. For instance, do not just post your video on your Facebook page. You should find a Facebook group that would like your video and share the video with the group.

The same goes for Pinterest. Don’t just randomly post your video. Find a relevant board and post your video. You can hopefully get repins on the video and start to develop a following. The great part about Pinterest is that you can develop your own Pinterest following.

#4. Write Compelling Titles
Our final tip for gaining more subscribers is to write compelling titles. This might sound counterintuitive because a title will not get you any subscribers.

However, a good video title will get you more subscribers. This is because viewers will be more likely to view your content if it has a compelling title. More views will cause YouTube to recommend the video to users automatically.

Plus, more people watching your video means that more people have the opportunity to subscribe. Having more viewers can never hurt you if your goal is to gain more subscribers.

Final Thoughts
Overall, following those four tips will put you ahead of the competition and should help you get more subscribers.
If nothing else, then it will help your channel get exposure. The problem with getting more subscribers is that it just takes a long time. Fortunately, subscribers growth is exponential and not linear, which means the beginning is hard, but it gets easier once you have many subscribers.

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