Nepal is one of the best countries for the travel sector. In general travelling means visiting In Nepal, all most every countries people are coming for visiting. In our country have different kinds of tradition and culture so that most of the people are visiting for to learn our tradition and culture and some people are visiting for to see natural resources. Mt. Everest is one of the Highest pick Mountain in the world, which lies in Nepal.
Some of the tourist is coming for climbing the Mount Everest. In Nepal any kind of natural resources are available .The main purpose of the tourist is to see natural resources ,get enjoy and to learn about what they see. There are two types of tourist one is internal and another is external. Different tourist has different kinds of purpose about visiting. Every people are not visiting for get enjoyment .some people are visiting for their business purpose. Specially, external tourists are visiting for get enjoyment and learn our tradition and culture. Nepal has many biggest rivers, forest, lakes and so on. In here big forest different kinds of animals are available which looks like visitor. Geographically Nepal has divided into three parts .in different three areas has different environment .so people are visiting there where they are want to go. In general without Nepal to speak about as a whole of the world people are visiting for different kinds of purpose. As a whole travelling is the way to forget the stress and way to learn about different environment. As a whole word tourism is the best occupation. Specially, tourism is the best occupation for our country because Nepal is economically poor but naturally rich so Nepal has earned money from tourism sector.
In any subject has two side one is advantage and another is disadvantage so in tourism sector has some advantage like as to earn money , some people are getting job and to get opportunity for learning different sector and environment and disadvantage is maybe we learn negative things from these people. In my opinions, as a whole tourism is best way to exchange our tradition and culture .and make a good relationship between two countries or peoples of two or more then countries people.
Human beings are goal oriented. Every people have specific goals and objective. Without goals and objective human being is not success in life. Every people have a specific aim in life to achieve a goal of life and get a success. Aim in life is most essential part of our life. People who have not aim in life he or she is notable to achieve their targeted goals. So every people have aim so I have also aim for getting goals in my life. I want to become a manager in accounting sector.
I want to become a manager in accounting sector. I like accounting sector. I have not a great aim in life. I just want to earn prestige or fame .some people want to earn lots of money. But I have not those types of aim I just want to earn prestige in society for me and my family. I like accounting subject. I want to improve my ability in accounting sector. I do not want to enough money. I just want to struggle in my life and myself I want to success. I do not want earn everything without my help or my struggle. Aim in life is most of the best part in my life. Some peoples wants enjoyment without struggle in life .they want to earn a lots of money and enjoyment in their life without any difficulties. But I have not these types of aim in my life.
Aim in life is the best way of life to get success. Without aim people are not a people. Every people have a specific aim in life. To achieve a certain goals we are able from today. At the time of student we all ready for to achieve our aim. Without struggle no one gets their aim. So in life we must be ready for struggle.

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