As we grow older and advance in years, our bodies tend to become, and we become less capable of performing particular tasks and inclined to different pains and muscle aches. With technology that is always advancing every other day, different range of products gave been designed to address some of these issues for a more fulfilling life irrespective of the woes that come with the old age.

One perfect example of such a chair is the riser recliner, which happens to offer support, comfort, electrical and mechanical assistance to enable you to stand up and sit down.Every electric adjustment is mainly made through a handset control that has been designed ideally for the user.
Riser recliner chairs are not just chairs that will help you maintain your independence; they are also a great alternative for minimizing injury, especially for individuals with some mobility issues.

Reclining chairs for the elderly are a great tool for many seniors who have issues getting off and on the couch. Some use electric motors and can give the elderly individual some assistive boost to prevent injuries and falls. Find more details about reclining chairs for the elderly on

The benefits of the best reclining chairs for the elderly can never be underestimated. Picking out a great reclining chair can be a big decision for seniors. First, because it is a huge investment and secondly, because they are looking for something comfortable that will meet all their needs.
While it might seem like an easy task to shop for reclining chairs for the elderly, choosing the perfect one requires you to understand certain factors to be able to make a sound decision. With a wide variety of options available out there, it might seem like narrowing down is almost impossible.

Are you looking for reclining chairs for the elderly? Here are some of the factors to consider when buying the best reclining chairs for the elderly.

Motor System

If you are going to go for an electrically powered recliner, you should consider the motor system a chair uses – make sure it serves all your needs and purpose. A single motor system will be able to control riser function to move in unison, control the footrest as well as the footrest.
On the other hand, a dual-motor will give variation when accessing different positions by letting you operate the leg and seat sections of your chair independently.


When it comes to size, you should be looking at the seat, postural dimensions and the external dimensions of the chair. The external dimension will indicate how big your chair will appear in your room while the postural and seat dimension show how suited a chair is to a given user.
Considering the right measurements of your recliner chair is essential in making sure that you maintain a comfortable and supportive posture for the time you will be seated.

Design and Style

As you pay attention to functionality, you should also consider the design and the style of your chair. After all, it is part of your furniture and can affect your room’s vibe. Go for a chair that is going to reflect your personality and taste and perfectly complement the style of your house.


Reclining chairs for the elder can either be done in leather or fabric upholstery.Fabric offers unmatched comfort by responding perfectly with the user’s body, given its soft-touch feel. Leather, on the other hand, is easy to wipe and clean and very much durable.


When it comes to reclining chairs for seniors, comfort is everything. The chair that you decide to choose should provide lumbar and neck support. Some advanced models that tend to be more expensive, come with additional features of therapeutic massage services.They are mostly ideal for aged who might be suffering from arthritis and other related problems.

Usually, the comfort level that you are likely to receive is determined by the number of recline positions possible. For example, some chairs will have 2, 3, 5 positions and so forth.For more and improved functionality and comfort, you should also check for any extra accessories that might be available. Things like footrests, build-in chargers, headrests, etc. will enhance the comfort levels.

Your Body Stature

Just like individuals who come in all manner of sizes, reclining chairs work in the same way. We have already spoken about the size of the chair, but then you have also to consider your size and stature as well. The reclining chair you go for must suit your size – it shouldn’t be too small or too big.

For instance, taller seniors might find their backs not getting the perfect support it deserves, and for the shorter ones, it might be that their feet are not touching the ground to start with.

The elderly normally experience some particular chronic illnesses that include arthritis, fatigue, dementia, etc. Given that, only a comfortable seat will be able to sooth the pains that they are going through. The ideal recliner should be able to support your body perfectly. Start by making sure that the measurements of your chair are relative to your body size.


The standard manual recliner will offer the best comfort levels. How about the electric one? It will go the extra mile! Some seats come with additional features such as massages, charging systems, and so forth, all thanks to the advanced integrated settings. Please note that the more sophisticated a chair is, the more you need to up your game in terms of maintenance.

The Overall Condition ofthe Recliner

Lastly, make sure that you have explored all the parts of your recliner chair. Every part of your chair should be in perfect condition. Make sure that you have checked the frame construction…it should be sturdy, reliable and durable. After all, you want to ensure the safety of the user, who is an old person.

You can also go for a fabric material – they tend to be softer to the touch and more comfortable as compared to their leather, polyester, etc. counterparts. If you go for fabric, make sure it is breathable.

You can go for a company that offers a trial test run – this way, you can be sure you are getting value for your money!

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