Howdy Friends! we always looking for the best weight loss tips and sometimes losing weight getting more and more complicated then even after doing hard work in the gym, if we don’t see any result and when every morning we saw ourselves self in the mirror, we get very disappointed.

Then, 2 things happen, one is, we start searching why I am not improving and what mistakes I am making, and second we quit slowly. What I know you aren't a quitter, that's why you are reading and you know that you will get your target soon maybe not today but tomorrow for sure.

So here below some tips sure will help you to lose weight fast.

1. Nutrition: we all know the true value of nutrition, sometimes, we do very hard work in the gym. But we don’t correct our diet macros according to our fitness goals. We should use very limited or avoid simple carbs like white flour, white bread, honey, white rice, most packaged cereal, cookie, candy bar, corn syrup, cake, pasta made with white flour, high processed food like ketchup, frozen Food, microwave popcorn, artificial ingredients, factory-made meat, refined oil, fast food, saturated fat and trans fat like high-fat dairy, yolk eggs, butter, over and overused again oil, meat, etc.

2. HIIT Training: High-intensity interval training is very popular these days that time is gone when we used to do spend hours on the treadmill with getting bored but still doing that. HIIT Training can burn more calories in a very short period and it will also help to speed up your metabolism.

3. Start Lifting: Go for weight training it will help you in so many ways you can burn more calories as compare to cardio. More muscle fiber you will break in the gym then in return your body will burn more calories to repair it and make you looker leaner means lifting weights can help you to get in shape.

4. Overload: Always lift heavy in the gym with the right posture because never get your body use to the same kind of workout all the time. Give your body a challenge. It will help you to keep improving. This is the main reason most guys don’t improve or stop improving because they keep lifting the same weight all the time.

5. Over-training: Most people want to train 7 days a week but they don’t understand one thing what is the point to train every day if we are not improving. Because over-training can elevate stress hormones and can lead to store more fat instead of burning fat. So be very careful Guys.

6. Understanding your energy: You must understand your body energy level because maybe some times our body showed more energy in a workout session, but we don’t use it and sometimes we have a lack of energy but still, we keep pushing our self in the gym. So better understand your workout energy. As an Indian Online Fitness Consultant I have observed this problem with so many clients.

7. Eating very little: Sometimes we eat very little but due to our daily routine, workout and demand we should have to eat as per our daily calorie needs and fitness goals. I know to eat very little can drop some pound very quickly but after that, your metabolism will be slow down and your body will go to starvation mode and you know what after that you will start gaining weight back again. It will be very hard to elevate your metabolism again in the future.

8. Protein shakes: I know these days most of us rely on protein shakes. I saw guys in gyms they do nothing but still, at the end of 20 min talking in the gym they drink 40-gram protein as suggested by the trainer. My mean to say that was too many protein shakes also not very good for losing fat because the liquid can digest very quickly so it will burn very few calories via digesting process so better eat white eggs, fish, lean meat.

9. Proper rest or Sleep: Most of our growth hormone elevate in the night and also short sleep decrease insulin work. Because we do very hard training in day time but at night when the time to rest we keep awake our body till morning so what happens again our body goes to stress mode and cortisol name stress hormone release and stead loosing we start gaining fat and weight.

10. Workout Plans: Most important whatever workout plan you choose or your trainer made it for you, at least stick for it for some time because weight loss not gonna happen overnight it will take time so be patient and be motivated to give your body some time so you can understand your result.

Author's Bio: 

Paramjit Singh (Parambodyfitmind) is well known an online fitness coach who has helped transformed hundreds of clients by scientific training and nutrition programs also a blogger and athlete.