The Fantasy Premier League is the official fantasy football competition, which is free for everyone. Soccer fans around the world face off in search of fantasy dots. It is an excellent opportunity to test your soccer knowledge by controlling your own team throughout the season. The Premier League is viewed by millions and is generally considered to be one of the most competitive leagues in the world. With so many exciting players, this adds to the widespread appeal of the fantasy football format, where you can build the team of your dreams.

At the start of the game, you have a budget of £ 100 million to spend on a squad of 15 men. This includes two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards. How you spend this budget is entirely up to you. Managing the budget is a big part of the Fantasy Premier League, as you must find cheaper players to make up for the more expensive stars in your squad. The only rule when choosing your squad is that you can only choose a maximum of three players from any team in the Premier League.

After choosing your squad of fantasy first division players, you will have to choose your eleven initials for your first match. They give you the option of various formations, but you must include at least one goalkeeper, three defenders, two midfielders and one attacker. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with different formations depending on the games and which players you think could accumulate more fantasy points for you. You will also need to choose a captain and a reserve captain. Your captain will automatically double your point score for the game week, if you don't play this benefit is transferred to your reserve captain.

During the season, you will find that some of your players may get injured or suffer falls in the form. As such, you may want to transfer them from your squad to bring a player in form to your team. Each week of play, you are awarded a free transfer, each additional transfer made will cost your team 4 points. If you choose not to use your free transfer, it will be added to the next week of the game, giving you two free transfers. However, this accumulation of free transfers stops at 2.

Throughout the season, players will experience price changes based on the number of people transferring them in and out of the squads. It is important to keep an eye on certain players you want to add to your team to avoid paying more than you would pay a week ago. By having the opportunity to transfer players in and out, it keeps the game fresh and allows fantasy football fans to redeem themselves.

The Fantasy Premier League game has a fun and fresh format that will appeal to any football fan. We have all dreamed of being a soccer coach and, in a way, this game allows us to live this dream. It also gives football fans the opportunity to test their knowledge against friends and strangers in mini leagues. Therefore, it is not surprising that many enjoy this game over the course of the season.

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Your captain will automatically double your point score for the game week, if you don't play this benefit is transferred to your reserve captain.