Search engine optimization is vital to get an improved ranking on Google and other search engines. Since the large fraction of website traffic comes from search engines, a website with no ranking on search results pages cannot expect any conversion or ROI. Most companies prefer to follow the website optimization process on their own by hiring dedicated SEO professionals on the site. Those who do not want to hire and manage Search Engine Optimizers on the site, make use of the services of offshore website marketing companies to rank their website.

Hiring an offshore SEO company or freelancers is a good idea as long as you are sure of what kind of organic and link building services you will get. Outsourcing SEO services has many benefits in terms of results and profitability. There are few professional SEO service providers who have experience ranking websites for their local and offshore clients.

Since there are thousands of organic SEO service providers, it is difficult to decide who is legitimate and who claims false guarantees. There are still few companies that strive to provide the best SEO experience for their clients. When planning to outsource websites to any SEO company, make sure you know the following:

- Experience - Verify the previous registration of the company, the years of service and the reputation they have in the local market.

- Search engine visibility: Check if your website is in the top 10 of local search results. Also check if they rank in the best search results of the global ranking. This would help you assess your SEO skills and make a decision.

- Testimonials: See what your previous clients say about your organic SEO services. Ask if you can see few websites that have ranked.

- Work ethic - Be very open when asking how they work and what SEO techniques they implement. This guarantees whether the company firmly believes in white hat SEO or not.

- Expectations: ask them clearly what kind of results you can expect from them; and in what time frame

- Price Freeze Guarantee - Make sure the SEO package you are interested in stays at the same price for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year. This should also be briefly discussed in a written contract, just to avoid any misconceptions.

While there are plenty of SEO companies offering cheap services, most of them lack a solid foundation of how to approach and manage website optimization tasks, especially when it comes to improving website ranking in search engines. . It is important that you also consider the price factor charged by your offshore SEO service providers. As the cost can always be cheap when compared to local US companies. It is the SEO skills and techniques that will be used to promote a website that count in the US, Canada and UK.

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