Whether you’re a student who is looking to create a thesis proposal that can blow the mind out of your supervisors and instructors, or if you’re a writer who is looking to write a thesis proposal that would bring in the money, there are a few things that you want to avoid when writing. These considerations will not only help you write interesting and engaging content but can also help you to grow as a credible writer.

Writing a thesis for too long

One thing that you need to bear in mind is that a thesis is just a short write-up – it is not a book or a novel that takes months and even years to finish. Many students as well as writers take too much time writing specific parts of their thesis such as the introduction, summary, research credentials, and so much more. With the intent to provide as much information and details as possible, they end up writing too much thus making them longer to finish the thesis.

One way to avoid taking too much time writing your thesis is to simply consider the thesis as a stepping stone to getting other opportunities. It is okay to miss some details as well as other information as long as the main points are emphasized. You also don’t have to go around the bush when you’re trying to make a statement – remember that simple words make an article easy and fun to read.

Self-indulgent resumes and introductions

It is okay to talk about yourself in your thesis – particularly in your introduction or in your resume. Writing proposals is also a form of showing off your resume and credentials to potential employers thus many students and writers take it as an opportunity to sell themselves in a self-indulgent and boastful manner. While it is indeed important to talk about the creator or writer of the thesis (which is yourself), it is important to keep it to a minimum. What people want to read about your thesis is your research and not about your life or life achievements. A simple 1-minute read about your introduction is more than enough for readers to know about the author.

Stop aiming for too high

Indeed, your thesis will be used for the greater benefit of many but you should not assume that it is something that the world needs. Remember those thesis proposals are simply for discussion only and you’re not doing it to make significant changes in the world. Sure, your content is indeed insightful and quite interesting in various areas however you should not expect too much praise out of it. Remember that you’re just starting in your career when writing a thesis proposal – you’ll still be able to do better as you gain experience. Have a look here www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvH3xV0l28s to know more:

Not establishing social relations

Although it may sound inessential, establishing good social relationships with co-students, supervisors, clients, and instructors is as important when making the best thesis proposal. A good social relationship with target individuals will help you gauge what people want to see from your thesis, and that it would help you think of a way to approach your writing. By simply knowing the persons involved, you can come up with content that can guarantee positive results.

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