There are many greens to enjoy the Cistustee daily, especially in winter. A delicious tea can be made from the aromatic petals of the rock rose . The freshly brewed tea unfolds some healing effects, because the valuable ingredients strengthen your immune system and have an antibacterial effect . In this way, the rockrose can protect us preventively and acutely against colds and flu-like effects . It can also be used as an effective remedy for a variety of intestinal diseases and disorders.

The rock rose has some other amazing effects, which we will discuss in this article. Due to its healing and antioxidant effects and its abundance of vitamins and vital substances, rock rose is one of the so-called superfoods today .

The rock rose (Latin: Cistus Incanus tauricus ), also known as the Greek mountain rose or Cystus, is an evergreen shrub that grows in the Mediterranean region and is known for its fragrant pink flowers. Despite its name, it is not a rose plant. Rather, the rock rose forms its own family of rock rose plants, which consists of around 20 different species. Not only one type of rockrose, the Cistus incanus tauricus, has special healing properties, but also other members of the rockrose family such as the Cistus albidus, Cistus mospeliensis and many more.It is considered a Bible plant because it was used as a medicinal plant in southern Europe as early as medieval times. Today it is an indispensable part of natural and alternative medicine in large parts of Europe and the world.

The healing effects of the rockrose
The medicinal plant has a number of impressive healing effects and is ideally suited both for internal use in the form of cistus tea and for external use with the help of pads or oils.

The medicinal herb is traditionally used for bacterial infections of the respiratory tract. However, the rockrose can do even more. It increases the immune defense , has strong anti-inflammatory , antiviral , antibacterial and antifungal effects . As part of the medicine cabinet, it can help with diarrhea , skin problems , aphthae , fungal infections (candida) and flu-like effects . It is involved in both prevention and treatmentan effective remedy for these various ailments. Rockrose tea also helps you lose weight and can support the elimination of heavy metals during a detoxification cure.

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