The subject, or rather the "Kingdom of Pleasure", has always interested me a lot. When I look back over the many years of my enchanted life, I can clearly see that my decisions to choose the paths of pleasure have been wiser and more powerful, not to mention that they are completely more desirable than the other options available. For me, pleasure comes in such a wide variety of forms that it is impossible for me to make my thoughts specific to the topic in a logical, linear, and writing way. It's just a vast, swirling, fascinating realm that I spend a considerable amount of time in. So I'm going to write for the fun of it!

Greatest pleasure ... If I can summarize it simply, my greatest pleasure is always found in loving myself. Always!!! I can count on this truth no matter what is happening around me. If I choose to love myself above all else, my life unfolds like a magical fairy tale. One of the many ways I love myself the most is by playing in the glorious realm of my imagination. Every night before I go to sleep and the first thing I do each morning when I wake up, I spend time deliberately and delightfully playing with my imagination. It gives me such divine pleasure just to focus my thoughts in directions that please me and see how much pleasure I can get from any particular imagination. Sometimes I reproduce the same vision or fantasy over and over again ... taking it to a higher level and always more specific each time. Sometimes it will be the same topic for weeks or months. I don't do this in the hope that any particular fantasy will come true ... I do it for the pleasure I feel doing it. Because what I want more than anything is to feel good. I broaden every part of my consciousness as much as I can and just savor how it feels to take me to such good places. How good of feeling can I conjure? My search is getting higher ...

I could break it down further into the specific types of imaginations or actions that I propose, but it is the more general issue of the benefits I receive from choosing the pleasure I want to express. Based on my belief that there is nothing more healing, rebalancing, rejuvenating, stimulating, or powerful than experiencing any form of pleasure, I have deliberately prepared my life to be absolutely filled with it. I have chosen it as my art, my career, my field of expertise, my teaching. As a "student" of pleasure, I begin to notice the correlations between experiencing pleasure and manifesting what I consider good. The more moments I spend on any given day allowing pleasure to flow into my life, the more my life continues to align itself with all the delicious, delicious, and fantastic "things" that I desire. Most importantly, the "things" that I considered undesirable seemed to just walk out of my life as if they no longer matched who I am. So, being the brilliant being that I am ... I readily accept the notion that the most powerful "action" I can take is making the decision to allow more pleasure to flow to me each day than ever. How do I know that my theory is correct? As with any theory ... just look at the evidence for the results. If at any given moment, you want to know how your "creative" juices are flowing (and I use the word very literally), just take a look at your life and feel what it feels like to live it.

Now I live on a tropical island. I spend my time enjoying the most comforting and comforting weather you can imagine. I spend countless moments doing nothing but rapturously experience the cool, soft air as she sensually wraps herself around my skin. I am privileged to see my daughter Rosie flourish and radiate well-being and confidence as she matures so beautifully into this free-flowing lifestyle.
I spend most of my time naked or almost naked. My "job" is to talk to the wisest, most delightful, and wonderful women business associates and dear friends from all over the Universe or ... meet and hang out with many, many other women as I support them to fall deeper in love. themselves than ever. My life is filled with the most euphorically happy scented and flavored lotions and potions that enrich the planet and its people. My self love teachings are offered using these potions as a means of expressing my messages.

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It's just a vast, swirling, fascinating realm that I spend a considerable amount of time in. So I'm going to write for the fun of it!