The Fall Sweep
September 3, 2018

James J. Maioho

Currently Launching a New CASE Construction dealership in Michigan for McCann Industries of Addison, IL. Author, Certified Business and Tax Structure Consultant, Artist and Grand Rapids City Commissioner (VSOC).

Change is in the air. As summer draws to a close, we turn our collected focus back to school, work, and the year end push.

I’ve been seeing a lot of advice articles pop up regarding deep cleaning and preparing your house for fall. These articles include lists that are very thorough.

I’m talking a deep cleaning!

An example of a list from these articles:

• Clean your kitchen grout.
• Clean your bathroom grout.
• Clean your refrigerator coils, if applicable.
• Clean under your refrigerator.
• Clean the inside of your dishwasher.
• Clean and condition the wood of your bathroom
• Clean your oven.
• Wash and disinfect all the garbage cans.
• Seal and/or polish granite countertops. And on…..

A lot to do!

Fall is a great time to refocus ourselves. We are closing out the leisure and vacation months (for many). It’s time to get our professional, personal and emotional houses in order as too.

Let’s do deep a dive into, evaluate then cleanse these areas and sweep away anything (or anyone) that isn’t benefiting us. When I say (benefit) I mean making more positive contributions to our persons, our plan or our goals than detracting from them. Anyone or anything bringing negativity to our situations.

Personal and Professional Balance Sheets and Income Statements need completing then addressed, as well as having our physical houses in order.


Examine your close relationships and secondary associations.

Are you in relationships either romantically or (friendships) with people who detract from or cause a net loss to you? Are you involved with people who negatively impact your emotions or progress more than they contribute to your success, happiness or well-being?

For example, do you have relationships that emotionally drain productive energy from you because they are dishonest, unreliable, perhaps speak negatively about you, or in some cases actively undermine your efforts?

Are friends or family members simply net takers from you? Are you constantly putting in more time, effort, resources and attention to the relationship or projects than they are? Then it’s time to fall sweep them away. In my book, I have a chapter titled “Winners give up bad associations, partnerships and relationships” You need to cut the bad actors from the tribe and eject them from your personal sphere.

This can be a difficult task. We tend to want to resist change. We let fear keep us from reaching our full potential.

Be brutally honest in your assessments and balance sheets. Commit to only staying connected to people, practicing habits, actions and behaviors that make us better or make contributions to our goals and well-being.

This may mean ending a bad or one sided romantic relationship. It may mean cutting ties with a toxic family members or lifelong (friends).

It’s also a great time to get our professional house in order. Same drill. Focus on relationships and habits. Do brutally honest assessments.

Look for opportunities to help guide, grow and improve performance of employees, lateral coworkers and yourself.

Work frankly and honestly with people who are making negative contributions. Often shedding light can improve a situation. Be the catalyst that causes a catharsis of change. If honest effort has been put in and there isn’t response, then a fall sweep may be in order. But often, just a tweak or a nudge can get things moving in the right direction. Simple awareness can improve a lot of areas.
Manage quality up as well as laterally and downward. This type of behavior, self-assessment, positivity and self determination can be a positive organized force in the universe and can certainly be infectious.

Do you have a written plan with defined goals and outcomes?
This again, must start with a brutally, raw assessment and balance sheet of ourselves. In many of the 12 step programs or change psychology, this is called an “Inventory”.

Assess what you do well. Assess where you may be contributing negatively to people or situations.
Define negative habits. Identify bad behaviors.
We must assess our own actions and habits. You need to be honest and cut out anything that makes a net negative contribution. Target areas where you are weak or unfocused, short on commitment.

Look at what you are putting into your body. Not just food and substances, but what we allow into our brain and our eyeballs and ears. Do we fill our attention and brains with fluff? Banal magazines or TMZ or ESPN or Cable News 24/7?

Are we putting in good high quality raw material that can cognate and distill in our minds then turn into great ideas or content? Are we being good caretakers of our bodies? Do we perform at least the minimum preventative maintenance to keep the machine running?

Could we be doing better to improve our performance and quality of life? What could be added to the plus side of our balance sheets to make us better? Strive to be the best possible version of yourself, always.
Envision that. Write down your new goals, plans, and areas of improvements etc. then Walk Your Talk.

Take advantage of the coming change in seasons as summer draws to a close. Commit to being the best possible version of yourself and do this fall sweep.

You will feel lighter and more focused going into the last quarter, new school year or just gearing up for the holiday push.

If you do this, people will notice! It will become infectious and you can be a great inspiration and bring change wherever you go.


Author's Bio: 

Author is currently launching a new CASE Construction equipment dealership in Michigan, for McCann Industries of Addison, Il. Author, Certified Business and Tax Structure Consultant, Artist. Photographer, Musician and Grand Rapids City Commissioner (VSOC). Member of multiple boards and advisory committees.