The year 2008 has been one of many ups and downs in the technology industry with companies like Apple, and Google has made some great impressions in the industry. It was a year of credit crunch that was felt primarily in the world's largest developed economies, which include the United States and the United Kingdom. Even then there were some great tech releases from one of the well-known companies around the world discussed below.

One of the biggest successes came from the Apple factory, the famous iPhone, which once again proved that Apple is truly the leader in innovative and creative interfaces. The iPhone 3G had significant improvements over its former iPhone flagship. Even the price of the phone dropped almost everywhere, which also made it an affordable and not to be missed device.
Some great successes and failures from Google this year with the launch of the Android operating system on a T Mobile HTC phone called G1, which created some good reviews but was not a hit with the masses as it didn't have the look to sell. Second, there was a new browser called Google Chrome that once again highlighted a great innovation from them. And then came Google's biggest failure, which was similar to Second Life, called Google Lively, which was scrapped even before receiving some favorable media reviews.
And then the Microyahoo agenda that was the mother of all news in the tech industry. Microsoft twice failed to acquire Yahoo (with a 60% stake), resulting in Jerry Yang resigning from the CEO position and becoming Yahoo's boss. As of now there is no one to replace him and the position is still vacant. Let's see who will be the lucky one to take over the CEO presidency. Then there was Sean Suchter, vice president of search for Yahoo, who was hired by Microsoft to gain an advantage over Google.
And then the saga continues from Microsoft's stable with its Vista operating system facing much criticism from professionals in the technology industry, home users and almost everyone involved in the use of Windows Vista. They tried to rectify it by launching a service pack within 1 year of the actual release of the operating system, but even that failed. As of now, they are testing the beta version of Service Pack 2 for Vista, which they claim will solve almost all the problems (let's wait and see what happens) and will be released long before the launch of the next version of the operating system, that is. Windows 7
Last but not least, from Microsoft, a new operating system expected to be released in late 2009 has received some positive reviews from the beta testing community. Until now, the versions that have been released so far of Windows 7 are very stable and reliable in both speed and performance compared to Windows Vista. The interface has been greatly improved with the introduction of Aero Peek and AeroSnap and the introduction of the ribbon interface in MSPaint and Wordpad, the same interface as in Office 2007.

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Finally, but importantly, the price at which a particular technology device sells is also one of the things that should be incorporated into technology reviews.