Every culture in the world has some kind of secret herb that they discovered and preserved for the elite. Whether these substances were reserved for royalty or the purpose of shamans varies from place to place, but some have been revered for literally thousands of years.

Thanks to the Internet, you can now do research that would have been impossible even 30 years ago, and all of these miracle herbs are easy to come by.

Cayenne pepper

This brightly colored, spicy herb is antiviral, antitumuric, and antifungal. Excellent in spicy dishes and also pleasant in fresh juice. Try this spicy cleansing drink: juice from a couple of lemons (peeled, peeled), a sweet apple, a good 2 "serving of fresh ginger, and an eighth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

Add a cup of water to mix everything together and drink. Hooyah!


Yes, the humble garlic is possibly the best native western herb that exists. Garlic contains more than 300 compounds that act as an antiviral and antibacterial shotgun that destroys all kinds of pathogens. If you ever have a cold or mild infection, get a high-concentration garlic supplement and literally bathe in a few handfuls several times a day.

It is not a drug, it is a food. Watch your sore throat go away often at night if you do it fast enough.

Excellent in food, and very useful for regular antiviral cleaning - just lock up for a weekend when you don't have to go out and breathe on anyone and eat lots of light bulbs daily. Consume supplements, garlic soup, garlic juice and as an ingredient.

Pao d'arco

Pao D'arco is the tree-like shrub bark of South America. The tree's bark is so antifungal that even when the tree is dead, the bark continues to affect the entire area around it.

While everything else breaks down quickly in the jungle heat, the pao d'arco tree will sit on a small unspoiled island. A quick fix for athlete's foot is to mix the decorated herb liquid with DMSO to bring it deeply to problem areas of body tissue.


A sweeter herb, the Schizandra berry is another of the adaptogenic herbs in traditional Chinese medicine and is often referred to as a beauty herb for its toning effects on the skin. It usually comes in the form of a purple-pink powder and is eaten very well as in smoothies or is generally accompanied along with other Chinese herbs in prepared formulas.

Goji berries

These tasty berries and the most protein-rich fruit anywhere in the world. They are very rich in antioxidants, have compounds that enhance growth hormone and there is even a Goji berry festival in Tibet every year.

They are commonly added to soups and tea in China, as the medicinal compounds can be extracted and concentrated more effectively than simply eating them.

You can make your own powerful tinctures by simply filling a glass bottle or jar with your dried herbs and filling it with vodka. Just let it infuse for a while, then strain into dropper bottles. The longer the infusion, the more active substances the alcohol will extract from the herbs.

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They are commonly added to soups and tea in China, as the medicinal compounds can be extracted and concentrated more effectively than simply eating them.