Sherry is a type of fortified wine that is usually made from grapes, specifically white ones in Spain. There are many kinds of sherry which can range from Manzanilla to Amontillado. Fans or connoisseurs of this kind of wine engage in an activity known as Sherry tasting. Sherry tasting is a process in which an individual or a group of individuals gather at a particular location to taste a variety of assorted sherry, along with the various accompanying food pairings. Some engage in this activity for fun while some others are much more serious about sherry tastings, and they usually undergo a series of activities and preparation to improve and enhance their sherry tasting experience.

Some of these can include; 

Drinking plenty of water before tasting to cleanse your palate as taking in some other foods or drinks might interfere with the taste of the sherry thereby reducing the enjoyment of the sherry.

Not wearing heavy fragrances and perfumes as sherry has different distinct smells and you want to be able to identify the different types of smells and engage your sense of smell in an exciting activity.

Do not eat or drink overly hot or cold foods. This is especially for hot foods and drinks, as sometimes extremely hot foods and drinks can burn your tongue, thereby numbing it to the taste of the different types of sherry to be tasted.

For smokers, it would be best to avoid smoking before engaging in a wine tasting as it can alter your sense of taste and even smell.

Try to engage your senses fully, especially your sense of smell to enable you to experience and correctly differentiate the different sherry types on offer.

If you can, you could also taste with an expert present for him/her to fully understand the sherry and even to offer some various tips on sherry tasting.

Try as many types of sherry as you can. This is to build up your familiarity with the different types of sherry, along with their various accompanying tastes and smells, and for you to also appreciate the differences.

Tasters are advised to take a very little sip when tasting, rather than pouring the whole thing down or gulping all at once. This is to help your tongue get used to the taste and flavours being introduced to it.

Ensure that you taste sherry at an adequate time. This is because, at various times, the body might not be willing or even be able to accurately identify and appreciate the different flavours. The ideal time, according to some experts is about 11 am because, at that time, the body is much fresher and much more receptive to the sherry about to be introduced to it.  

You are free to have a preference. All humans are not the same and we all have different preferences in a lot of things, including, taste, flavour, and even types of sherry. So don’t be afraid to have a particular type or brand or sherry that you are partial and much more receptive to.

So when next you are planning a sherry tasting or being invited to one, be sure to remember these to improve your tasting experience, and if you are interested in the different types of sherry, you can visit


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