Symptoms and Signs of Low Self-Esteem
What is Self-Esteem – Definition
How to Successfully Build High Self-Esteem
How To Help Someone With Low-Self Esteem


Symptoms and Signs of Low Self-Esteem

Being needy, always seeking reassurance, thinking low about oneself, undervaluing oneself, defensiveness, scared to meet new people and so forth. A common label some well meaning but ill prepared therapists give is that someone has “social anxiety”.

Low self-esteem is the cause of many harmful behaviors such as eating disorders, addictions, perfectionism, social challenges, communication challenges, workaholic tendencies, an inferiority complex and so forth.

What is Self-Esteem – Definition

Definition: Self-esteem is how high you value yourself.

Most people think they have to do something and/or be someone in order to value themselves. For example, most people think they have to succeed, achieve and accomplish in order to highly value themselves.

According to Human Needs psychology, people believe they have to be significant enough to fulfill their deepest need of love/connection.

'I joined a relaxation program, to help me overcome my type A behavior. Damit! I'm going to be the best, most relaxed, one in the group.'

That’s one reason why some people have Type A personalities.

Other people think they have to act as close to their culture or to what their parents said was good in order to highly value themselves.

The bottom line: People usually develop low self-esteem when they base their self-esteem on changing and sometimes out of their control factors. Some people have literally set their self-esteem rules up where they can never have confidence.

The Best Part: How to Successfully Build High Self-Esteem and Finally Feel Alive!

Self-Esteem quotes seem to provide only temporary relief, but working with Giovanni Maccarrone provides long lasting changes and solutions.

The amazing thing that I show people is that their self-worth, self-esteem and confidence is automatic and doesn’t need to be based on achievements or according to standards set by others.

I find out what people base their self-worth on. I show them how they mixed up, for example achievements to succeed financial and materialistic, with their self-worth, and ultimately their self-esteem.

How To Help Someone With Low-Self Esteem

If you, you friend, or someone you’re dating feels insecure, needy, or is definitely looking for help in Toronto to raise their self-esteem, set up a Free Consultation or Session with Giovanni Maccarrone B.A., C.L.C. to finally learn how to boost confidence and self-esteem. Giovanni also helps parents who would like to raise their child’s self-esteem and confidence.

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