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Depression? Anxiety? Mood disorders? OCD? PTSD? Bipolar Disorders? Are you sick of taking medication day after day, month after month year after year to stop being sick?

Is it actually possible to feel whole, experience happiness and joy, not feeling the butterflies of anxiety or the black dog of depression without drugs?

The answer is a resounding YES With TMS - Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy in Los Angeles.

Depression affects 1 in 6 Americans. Each and every one of those sufferers deserve a better choice of therapies including treatment without medication to address and resolve this blight in everyday life.

Do not settle for endless years on antidepressants, choose your life without drugs, choose TMS. Choose New Dawn TMS Psychiatry.

New Dawn TMS Psychiatry and its founder, Dr. Amr Beltagui, is committed to finding better solutions and remedies to depression disorders and mental illness. New Dawn TMS Psychiatry offers the game-changing TMS -Transcranial stimulation, the #1 depression therapy in Los Angeles.

Dr. Beltagui is both a qualified Medical Doctor and a Board Certified Psychiatrist and is a huge advocate for mental health and TMS, adding it to his clinic treatments recognizing its revolutionary impact on the treatment of numerous mental health disorders and mental illness.

TMS is proven, FDA cleared therapy and has shown remarkable results in the recovery of depression and mood disorders, anxiety, and associated disorders with 40% of patients in remission and 65% gaining life-changing relief without using any medication.

It is also showing some very promising research outcomes in many other brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s 

All without antidepressants, medication, or drugs.

New Dawn TMS Psychiatry is dedicated to patients looking for a better treatment for their depression or mood disorder, or those that have struggled with resistant treatment depression. Dr. Beltagui offers a free first consultation enabling sufferers to visit and engage with the New Dawn TMS Psychiatry to discover TMS, how it works, what it costs, and answer any other questions whilst giving attention to each, individual circumstance and case. 

Two out of three patients experience significantly positive results including Joy, below;

“Dr. Beltagui is one of the best doctors you would feel fortunate to have. He genuinely cares about your well-being. We love him”, says Joy. 

TMS treatment in Los Angeles is simple. 

You attend the clinic for approximately thirty-six 30 to 3-minute sessions-over for six weeks. You will not need anyone to accompany you and you can then return to work or your other activities.

You will sit in a comfortable treatment chair, similar to a dentist’s chair, and the equipment directs a magnetic pulse to specific areas in your brain responsible for depression and anxiety. These will have been mapped by your practitioner prior to beginning your TMS therapy.

You can read, watch tv including Netflix, chat on your phone or listen to music during the process. The machine makes a tapping noise as it administers the magnetic pulse which can cause a mild headache. These usually wear off after the initial sessions as you get used to the sound.

“I have talked to a few Board-Certified Psychiatrists in the past and Dr. Beltagui is the best of the best. I would highly recommend his services”, Keith.

This is a state of the art clinic that prides itself in staying abreast of all new and advanced therapies and treatments. Staff are highly trained, compassionate, and committed to your care. Each patient is accorded respect and individualized service to ensure the best possible outcome for your condition whether it is depression and anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Bipolar, or any other disorder.

Don’t waste any more time existing and contact New Dawn TMS Psychiatry and start really living.



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