Rotomolding, also generally referred to as rotational molding is a process of manufacturing plastics with unlimited lifespan. Various materials are used for rotomolding, polyethylene (PE) being the most common.

For the rotomolding process, we use a mold which can be easily produced through different methods including casting, fabrication, or machining. Our fabricated tools are made from carbon steel whilst our molds are made from aluminum, this is because there's easy wearability when exposed to water in the cooling process than carbon steel which leads to rust. Also, aluminum can be easily modified and maintained.

Granger plastics rotational molding of plastics
Granger Plastics Company is a custom rotational molding company that molds various products with varying shapes and sizes for whatever applications. We are purpose driven and we deliver only the best. Are you a home owner who needs tornado shelters constructed so as to keep your family safe? Then Granger Plastics Company is the place to visit.

For over two decades, we've built numerous tornado shelters for individuals, and even other manufacturers. Most manufacturers, and other rotomolding companies outsource their rotomolding projects to us because of our capacity, our efficiency to produce complex high quality parts in bulk, experience, and our quality driven focus. In addition to our services, we also offer:
● Secondary trim
● Assembly services
● Warehousing
● Secondary, packaging services, etc.
We also offer drop shipping, so as to allow you focus on your business and customers while we handle your expectations and deliver high quality products to the doorstep of your customers!

Why you should partner with Granger
Rotomolding is a special black art combined with chemicals, and science. It requires dedication and finesse and this is why you should consult us because we deliver. Aside from these facts;
● Our roto moulded products are durable
● We have experienced engineers,
● We are experienced in rotomolding design
● We are cost conservative
● We have made a plethora of custom products including Air cargo containers and tornado shelters
● We are driven focused
● We are the best suppliers of roto molding solutions and we deliver only quality products that are resistant to damages.
● We have 25 years working experience
Whatever your demand be, either defense application, assisting in production, manufacturing operation, or providing security in an aerospace, Granger plastics company is ready to provide solutions to that. It is imperative to work with Granger plastics for your next project!

A final note:
Granger plastics company covers rotomolding design, manufacturing and molds for rotomolding. Other roto molding applications includes: toys, playground slides, beach erosion solutions, etc. Trust us to deliver high quality roto molded products to your satisfaction. Contact us on (513) 424-1955 or send us an email on we're expecting you!

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