Every successful enterprise is built upon the effectiveness and productivity of various business processes and how data is shared between teams. Success of an organization is the frontend that the world knows about but it is at the backend where different business processes interact that lays the foundation of this success. However, in recent times, automation has been playing a crucial role in increasing the efficiency of business processes. And now the paradigm is shifting towards RPA solutions which takes business process automation a step further.

But before we get any further in this discussion on how RPA software are revolutionizing business process automation, here’s what you need to know about
Business process automation and RPA automation.

Let’s start with ‘what is a Business process?’

What is a Business process?

A business process can be defined as a collection of structured tasks within an organization that work together or in a hierarchy to achieve various organizational goals. A business process can be looked as a flowchart of activities where completion of one task triggers the other and so on until the desired outcomes are achieved.
What is Business Process Automation?
BPA or Business process automation can be defined as the infusion of technology into an existing business model at various levels, thereby automating repetitive tasks that are usually performed manually. Business process automation is an ongoing wave of digital transformation that streamlines various processes with the aim to reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost overall productivity of an organization.

Key factors contributing in an effective business process automation model include:
Process should be consistent across the organization and align well with the needs of the organization
Process should be repeatable
Process should eliminate manual error and eliminate complexity
What is RPA?
RPA is a short form of Robotic Process Automation and is a form of business process automation that uses ‘robots’ or software to mimic human actions and triggering events based on various trigger points to complete various tasks. Robots aren’t usually the traditional ones that one sees in Hollywood movies but software robots. The3se software robots are programmed to perform day to day tasks without any human intervention and never rest or make mistakes.
Revolutionizing business process automation using RPA solution
Robotic Process Automation or RPA is better and improved than the traditional automation that usually aims to enhance IT processes.

Lesser Costs: As discussed earlier, adoption of RPA doesn’t require you to restructure your existing business processes(model), which makes it cost-effective to integrate RPA solutions with the existing model.
Increased productivity: Employees need more time to focus on high-yield tasks rather than focusing on repetitive low-yield tasks. RPA helps organizations offer more time to employees by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the extra workload off of them.
Compliance: RPA bots are programmed to follow instructions and which makes it easy to program them to be compliant and consistent.

Applications of RPA Automation:

Application of RPA solutions has expanded the horizon of automation that mainly addresses the IT sector. With RPA, organizations are now finding it easy to automate their various sectors apart from IT. Some of the industries that are adopting RPA software are:

Customer Service
Financial Services
IT Industry
Human Resources
Supply Chain Management

While technology is advancing every day, it is important to note that the main focus behind each tech is to first make human tasks easier and then address other needs like efficiency, cost, etc. However, Robotic Process Automation has taken technology a step ahead by offering all of this under one roof. Also, it is just the beginning of the revolution that RPA has brought to the digital transformation era and so much more is yet to arrive. Businesses are just starting to understand the importance of RPA solutions and in the near future, it will be one of the techs that will be the foundation of every successful enterprise.

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