The perfect epitome of versatility, elegance, flexibility, and a timeless inclusion to kitchens and other living spaces; the popularity of RTA cabinets is ever increasing.
No denying how cabinets account for a lion’s share of space in a kitchen, RTA cabinets pack the punch for the dollars spent.
Also, owing to their flat layout and easy assembling, they are an instant hit among millennials given the ease of shifting preferences.
According to a 2019 report, more than eighty percent of millennials have purchased RTA furniture across popular categories like cabinets, tables, shelves, and more.
Compared to traditional fixtures, the economic tag of RTA cabinets is also a contributing factor for its immense liking.
Nevertheless, there exists quite a bit of misconception about RTA cabinets that stop many people from buying them. However, they aren't true at all.
In this post, we are going to unravel the reasons behind RTA cabinets soaring the popularity charts and bust a few myths in the process.
Let’s begin!
Customization On a Budget
While custom cabinetry makes for a great choice within a kitchen space, not everyone can afford to pay for the same.
They usually involve working with skilled labor that adds to the cost, giving it a hefty price tag. However, with RTA cabinets you are better off paying just a fraction of the cost and can still bring home a beautiful and elegant piece of furniture.
Flexibility is the Key

While a lot of people tend to opt for pre-assembled cabinets, they end up choosing from the ones that stores have in stock. In other words, it's a compromise.
With RTA cabinets, you get to make the most out of a flexible design. One is free to customize cabinet doors, glass, handles, and knobs as much as they want. You can also shuffle cabinet dividers from one to another, alter designing elements of drawers, and much more, without having to pay extra.

Faster Delivery

RTA cabinets, whether you book from a website or a retail store, packs in almost the full range.
Hence, they are a great choice as there is no long waiting period for your cabinet to arrive so that you can plan on redoing your kitchen.
As a bonus, you get to shop for stuff from the comfort of your home.
Breeze Fast Assembly

As the name goes, RTA cabinets come in a ready-to-assemble box. If you are a DIY type, you are going to love it for sure!
The assembling process is so simple; anyone can do it with ease. You don't need any special equipment or tools. Just refer to the user manual or the manufacturer's direction booklet that comes along with it, and in a few minutes you will have set up your kitchen cabinet in place.

There are Only Facts, No Room for Myths

Perhaps one of the most deliberate reasons why there exist several myths about RTA cabinets is people being less or misinformed.

Some believe they are terribly weak compared to other furniture types. That is not true at all.

RTA cabinets are processed from natural hardwood. Although some models use plywood, there are all furniture-grade imparting standard durability and protection from all points.
The other myth about RTA cabinets is that they are no match for custom cabinetry. However, some of the top end RTA cabinets can withstand heavyweights, similar to granite countertops owing to the pocket-screw joints and furniture grade material.
Some models are also known to include corner braces made of wood to add to the sturdiness and extended support.
A Clear Perspective On Expenses

Since RTA cabinets are shipped in a box, some homeowners believe that they are heavily priced.
On the contrary, RTA cabinets are extremely affordable compared to traditional wood and pre-assembled furniture. Also, when you bring home a pre-assembled cabinet, you end up paying extra hiring skilled labor to get it fixed.
This is never the case with RTA cabinets. For rendering flexibility and easy installation, every single part of an RTA cabinet is a small piece production, which is also beneficial for the manufacturing company. Thus, the consumer ends up paying way less than other furniture types that are shipped in one piece.
Choosing the Right Kind of RTA Cabinets
Now that you have formed a comprehensive idea about buying RTA cabinets, you will need to know how to make the most out of your investment.

Here are some of the most obvious pointers to follow :

● The kitchen cabinets should be made of natural hardwood, or furniture grade plywood imparting strength and durability. If you are unsure or can't find relevant info, just ask the retailer upfront, or drop a mail when buying from a website.

● The shelves should have metal clips to hold them in place, and further supported by pocket-screw joints.

● A natural finish without lacquer or varnish is most preferred.
Wrap up
So, you see, RTA cabinets are meant to rule the market forever, and will always be a worthy investment for anybody.

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The perfect epitome of versatility, elegance, flexibility, and a timeless inclusion to kitchens and other living spaces; the popularity of RTA cabinets is ever increasing.