Each and every person is unique. Our DNA is the primary difference for the way we appear, walk, and talk. DNA is the genetic material you receive at conception: half comes from mom and half comes from dad. Your genetic blueprint is the reason you have eye, hair, and skin color and a particular height.

DNA information does not change after birth. During life’s journey, we must learn to understand and work with the genetic cards we are dealt. It is essential to understand what makes us unique on a base level. Furthermore, it is vital to figure out how to address our unique needs. The safest and simplest way to explore our different genetic needs is to use a DNA and health test kit. Below, we have outlined the primary reasons why you need to make a life-changing investment for your own DNA and health test kit.

1. DNA Health Testing Prevents Disease

First, let’s discuss genetic influence on lifestyle based diseases. A lot of treated diseases are fully preventable. Anyone will prevent more diseases when they follow a consistent healthy routine. It is commonly known that diet and exercise are associated with a healthy lifestyle. Regular diet and exercise are excellent for preventing a number of chronic diseases.

Preventable lifestyle diseases include a number of common diseases you hear about every day. Heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes are some of the diseases prevalent in modern society. Western medicine is built on treating the disease rather than addressing the root cause of the issue. Ironically, the treatments for most preventable diseases are worse than the original diseases being treated.

It makes perfect sense that we should begin by taking a look into the source of our uniqueness for answers. There are billions of pieces of information encoded in our genetic blueprint to learn how to live a better life. For instance, sugar preference, insulin sensitivity, and glucose metabolism are three major type 2 (“adult onset”) diabetes genetic traits. There are always environmental influences to consider, of course, but the majority of the issues start with the genetic hands we are dealt at birth.

If you want to dive in and see all of the preventable diseases you worth avoiding with a health plan based on your genes, we recommend a quick online search.

2. DNA Health Testing Improves Your Dietary Choices

The best way to understand our dietary needs is to understand why our body responds to food differently than the next person. The difference is in our DNA.
Next, let’s look at DNA and nutrition. Nutrigenetics is the study of how your genes affect reactions to food. Over the last twenty years, the field has been studied extensively and a number of statistical genetic trends have been identified. Common trends show that people process food differently based on their DNA. Thus, it is vital to know the genetic dietary correlations to see the value in a DNA nutrition test. The best way to get a look at all of the unique nutrients in your genetic profile is to use a nutrigenetics DNA and health test kit. A DNA nutrition test builds a distinct set of dietary guidelines and restrictions for your health.

The first step towards a successful diet is to get informed about unique dietary guidelines using DNA. Next, you must properly implement a diet to be successful long term. In other words, every diet plan needs to be well planned or it will likely fail. To find the best diet implementation, DNA nutrition testing programs provide multiple support features for all clients. With HealthCodes DNA, you will receive a lifetime of health benefits including a personalized diet.

3. DNA Health Testing Improves Your Fitness Routine

Did you know that a DNA health testing for fitness is a valuable tool to get the most out of your workouts? It is pretty unique how DNA fitness testing improves your health. A DNA and health test kit will look into your aerobic and anaerobic genes and combine them into a ratio of the physical activity that is right for you. By following this program, you are spending time targeting the most beneficial activities.

It’s no secret that we are all unique. This is why using a DNA health testing program to address the differences between you and the next athlete is so important. It will show you that one athlete’s fitness needs are not the same as the next. In other words, one athlete may receive a greater benefit from lifting weights, whereas another may receive a greater benefit from running. Knowing this information in advance of implementing a fitness plan will make you a responsible athlete who is charge of their exercise routine.

Bringing It All Together

To conclude, there are many factors that determine the best DNA health testing program for your needs. Begin by asking yourself a simple question: “What health needs do I need to address?” Whether it is preventing disease, diet, or exercise, remember to use DNA health kits to inform your decision making. In other words, use the information in your genetics to make lifestyle choices that positively impact your life.

You will improve your health and quality of life by following this advice. Use every DNA insight you discover to develop the best lifestyle for your needs. As things progress, implementing a genetics-based lifestyle becomes second nature. Over time, you will receive a lifetime of benefits by choosing to invest in a DNA test to improve your health.

Author's Bio: 

Charles Lanman, M.Sc. is a founding member and current CEO of HealthCodes DNA. His expertise in biotech spans over fifteen years of professional experience in various team and leadership roles. HIs personal life includes a ten year run as a competitive Olympic style weightlifter culminating in a national championship. Charles brought together his passion for science and sports performance to create HealthCodes DNA.

HealthCodes DNA® provides genetics-based nutrition and fitness training programs for improving the results from diet and exercise using DNA insights. HealthCodes DNA's line of patented DNA tests identify the best foods and exercises for a client's unique body, based on his or her genes. HealthCodes DNA follows up each DNA test result by giving its users lifetime access to proprietary meal and exercise planning technology along with unlimited health consultations to ensure each client see sustainable and measurable lifestyle improvements.