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Go to the QuickBooks installation support Help menu and select Update QuickBooks installation support. Now, follow the instructions in the Update part, open QuickBooks installation support.

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Installation starts automatically as soon as you insert your QuickBooks software CD. (If the
installation program doesn’t start automatically, open the Computer folder, navigate to the
CD drive, and then double-click Setup.exe to start the installation.) The installation process
displays a series of windows, asking questions and offering options. As you move through
the installation, the content of some windows changes to reflect the choices you make.
The first window you see asks if you want to check for updates to QuickBooks 2008.
Updates are issued periodically to correct problems and add features. If you’re installing
QuickBooks 2008 in the latter part of December of 2007, or at any time afterward, updates
are almost certainly available.
By default, the option labeled Yes (Recommended) is selected. However, you can also
check for updates from the QuickBooks Help menu after you’ve installed the software, so
you can decide for yourself whether you want to take the time to download and integrate
the update now, or wait until after you’ve installed QuickBooks.
If your computer does not have Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 or Flash Version 8,
the next window lists the missing software (either or both of these applications) as required
components that must be installed before QuickBooks can be installed. Click Next to install
these applications.
The QuickBooks Installation Wizard
The installation of the software begins in the first wizard window, which is titled “Welcome
to QuickBooks Installation Wizard.” Like all software installation wizards, QuickBooks
recommends that you close any open programs, including your antivirus software, to make
sure that nothing interferes with the installation process. Click Next to begin installing
Accept the Software License
The next wizard window contains the software license for your QuickBooks software. Select
the option I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then click Next to
Choose the Type of Installation
The next wizard window (see “Figure 5: Select single computer or multi-computer
installation.” on page 17) asks you to select the type of installation you’re performing.
Figure 5: Select single computer or multi-computer installation.
• One User. This option means one computer/user at a time. You can let multiple
users work in QuickBooks on that single computer, and that’s common in businesses
where an employee enters data as transactions occur, and a bookkeeper or owner
opens QuickBooks on the same computer periodically. These users never access the
company file simultaneously. You also use this option to install QuickBooks on the
“client” computers on a network when the company file isn’t located on the client
computers, but on the computer that’s acting as a datafile server for the network.
• More Than One User. This option means multiple users, working at multiple
computers (a network), will be accessing your company file simultaneously. Select
this option when you install QuickBooks on the computer you’ve designated as the
datafile server for QuickBooks, as discussed in “Chapter 3: Prepare for Network
Installation” on page 9. For the client computers, use the One User Option.
Note: One User also means “one computer at a time” for multiple computers. Your
QuickBooks software license lets you install the software on two computers (e.g.
your office computer and your home or laptop computer), because the company file
won’t be accessed by more than one user simultaneously.
The following chapters walk you through both types of installations. “Chapter 5: Install on a
Standalone Computer,” on page 18, covers the One User installation (for single, standalone
computers or “client” network computers). “Chapter 6: Install on a Network Data File
Server,” on page 20, covers the More Than One User installation.
To let multiple users access the company file simultaneously, you must have multiple
software licenses. You can buy a multi-user Value Pack, or buy additional licenses from

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