Have you come across the error message “QuickBooks error code 6144” while working on QuickBooks application? This error doesn’t let you open the corrupt QB-files and perform any task, either through the Main computer or through other computers. Here you will be able to resolve the error. Follow the steps as mentioned in the article and resolve the error. Alternately install, run and open the Stellar QuickBooks Recovery tool and repair all corrupt files in few easy steps.

Let’s take up the manual method of resolving QuickBooks error code 6144. But before you proceed, make sure:

All Steps are to be performed on the Main computer except for the last step.
QuickBooks is closed on all computers including Main computer and other computers
QBserviceuser is version dependent. For Office Version 2013, you have QBserviceuser23; for version 2015 it is QBserviceuser25; for version 2016 it is QBserviceuser26 etc
Antivirus is disabled
You know the MS Office version you work on
First, resolve the QuickBooks Error 6144 on the Main computer. The primary computer where the application is loaded for the first time is primary computer and all other computers using QuickBooks application are termed as other computers. Follow these steps:

Start Services:
Go to Start and click on Services.
From the Services tab, click on QBCFMonitoringservice and check that the services are started and available in Automatic mode. If not, check the radio buttons and click on Apply and Ok.
QuickBooks Error Code 6144
Change Account Type:
Go to Control Panel and select User Account.
Click on Add/Remove User Account and click on QBDserviceuser23 (if you are using version 2013) and change Account Type by checking Administrator user
Note: If you are using QuickBooks 2014 then, the file name will be QBDserviceuser24, and if you have 2015 it will 25 at the end and so on. It depends on QuickBooks version.

QuickBooks Error Code 6144
Create a new folder by the name of QB and Provide Read/Write options to all the created folders. You should create following folders in Drive C:
Add User
Add System
QB Data Service user23
QuickBooks Error Code 6144
And provide Read/Write permission to all the folders. Clicking on Share will share these folders on all computers.

Copy the Company File in New folder “QB”- This file is corrupt due to its size and hence it is not opening in QuickBooks. Here the Company file is named as “Get Back to Business”
QuickBooks Error Code 6144
In the Drive C: go to Users->Public->Public Documents->Intuit->QuickBooks->Company Files and you will find that Company file. This is the default location of QuickBooks Company file.

Copy and Paste the file in New Folder “QB”. Do not cut –paste the file as it will harm the file.

Verify that the Company File is copied at preferred location. For this close the folder where you have copied the file and open it again through the same path as used in copying the file.
Create Inbound and Outbound Firewall Rules:
Go to Firewall and click on Windows Firewall
Go to Advanced Settings as available on the Left pane and Click on Inbound Rules ->New Rule->Port and Hit Next
Select TCP and, add the port number depending on your QuickBooks version. I am using Quickbooks 2013 so, it will be: 8019, 56723, 55353-55357
Click Next.
Select Allow the connection option and then Next
You can give the name like QB to identify it and click Finish
These are the port numbers for different versions:

QuickBooks Error Code 6144
Firewall Ports are version specific. Consult web to copy the right firewall rules. Ports should be added in all the computers and not just the main computer.

Similarly “Add Ports” to the new Outbound rules
Additional step
Go to Program and Search for QB.
From the drop-down Menu, click on QuickBooks Database Service Manager and click on Add Folder.
Browse and add QB folder from the C-Drive and minimize this tab.
QuickBooks Error Code 6144
Click on Scan. It will scan QuickBooks company file.
Note: If any other folder listed there, select and remove it.

Restore Company file on the main computer
Open QuickBooks application (in Multi-user mode) on the main computer
Click on open and restore existing company.
Select the Company file “Get Back to Business” and open file in multiuser mode.
Check if hosting is turned on and Go to File and click on Utilities
Click on Stop Hosting on Main Computer. Your Company file is accessible on the main computer
The next step involves opening of Company File on other Computers. To perform this task, you should know the IP address of the main computer.
Open QuickBooks on the main computer and press F2 key. Product Information screen opens. From here, note the IP Address and prefix // before the IP address. Note this IP on a notepad to make copying easier.

Access Company file from other Computers:
Open QuickBooks and Click on Open or Restore an Existing File.
Select Open a Company File and copy and paste IP address with the backslash in the file name.
Make sure that radio button for Open File in Multiuser mode is checked.
Open the shared folder and check on the newly created QB-folder.
Click Company file and open the file. Repeat step 11 on all computers running the QuickBooks application
Your Company file is accessible on other computers also.

The manual procedure involves performing Step 1 to step 10 on the main computer and following step1, step6 and step11 on all other computers running the QuickBooks application. If you have 20 computers running QuickBooks application, you will have to repeat the same steps without any choice. This is bound to hamper the normal working.

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