A profitable investment of money is the acquisition of residential properties in Turkish cities and resorts. Thousands of tourists come here every year, dreaming of a comfortable and eventful vacation, with a warm sea and comfortable beaches, interesting excursions, pleasant walks through picturesque corners and excellent shopping.

Therefore, an apartment, house, villa or apartment can be permanently rented here and make a good profit. Also, many foreigners want to buy an apartment in Alanya or another city for permanent or seasonal residence in the most beautiful places in the world.
The fact that property taxes in Turkey compare favorably with many European countries also attracts the attention of potential buyers. And this is another plus of its acquisition. The same tax rate differs according to the type of residential property and starts from 0.2% of the cadastral value.
At the clients' request, the agency's specialists will select the most optimal option, both at the initial price and at the cost of subsequent maintenance.
Everyone who buys a home in Turkey needs to know what tapu is. This is a Turkish real estate ownership certificate. Without it, the sales contract will not be a document that proves the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. Tapu is the main official document that assigns a residential property to its owner. To obtain this certificate, foreigners must compile a documentation package and send it to the corresponding authorities. With the help of the agency's specialists, this process will be faster and easier.

Before buying any property abroad, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons. At the moment residential real estate in Alanya (Mahmutlar) is cheap and this is due to increasing construction volumes and political instability.

In 2015, some disagreements emerged between the Russian Federation and Turkey, leading to a decline in the demand for residential real estate. This situation works in favor of those who have long wanted to buy an apartment in a Turkish resort, but could not make a purchase due to its high cost. For ordinary citizens, the risks are minimal! In addition, now the political situation has stabilized and apartments in Turkey have become even more in demand.

Why Mahmutlar?

Owning a real estate property on the Turkish coast is a dream that can come true. The specialists of the KİNG HOMES REAL ESTATE agency recommend paying attention to Mahmutlar, an urban-type settlement with an optimal climate and beautiful beaches. It is only 11 km from Alanya, which can be reached by public transport. A certain distance from the bustle of the city, a developed infrastructure, a large number of attractions and cheap housing are the main advantages of Mahmutlar, which has recently significantly increased its area. This can be explained simply: several residential complexes have been put into operation, including Azur Park, May Marine, Country Club, Gold City, Pamphilia and others.

On the secondary market, apartments in Mahmutlar (Turkey) are even cheaper. They are located in well-built houses with a modern design, and for the most part, they do not require capital investments, since they are in acceptable condition for a comfortable stay. Some of them are sold together with furniture and appliances.
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