On August 26, 2021, Protheragen MedAI announces that it has further optimized its experimental validation platform by integrating predictive physics-based methods with machine learning techniques. This move will surely help accelerate the drug discovery process.

“The goal of our platform is to use cutting-edge technology to find and identify new preclinical drug candidates,” says a spokesperson from Protheragen MedAI. “We are committed to providing valuable solutions to the pharmaceutical industry via our three proprietary platforms, including AIDD Platform, CADD Platform, Experimental Validation Platform.”

With intensive efforts being made, the company has already seen several successful use cases via co-operation with big pharma and institutions.

The comprehensive solutions offered by Protheragen MedAI’s Experimental Validation Platform mainly cover the following aspects:

ADME Prediction
All of the ADME screening and properties validation services conducted with the experimental platform include metabolic profiling, stability, metabolite identification, bioavailability screens, CYP450 inhibition and induction assays, drug-drug-interactions, quantitative bioanalysis, drug transporters, etc.

Chemistry Services
With a team of professional chemists who are experts in high-quality organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry services, screening libraries, Protheragen MedAI provides high-quality medicine and organic synthesis expertise, as well as a collection of unique, novel, patentable, and drug-like organic compounds for the biopharmaceutical industry.

High-Throughput Screening
Using high-throughput screening techniques, new drug targets or drug activities at a single target can be identified and structure–function relationships in small-molecule “hits” and functional clustering within biological pathways can also be unveiled.

In Vitro Pharmacology
Experts of Protheragen MedAI are specialized in providing the broadest drug discovery portfolio of both standard and custom In vitro assays.

In Vivo Services
Protheragen MedAI provides services with disease models across different therapeutic areas that incorporate biomarkers and outcome measures to enable greater prediction of success in the clinic. The laboratory may also develop custom in vivo models to meet the special needs of client’s drug discovery projects.

Phenotypic Screening
Protheragen MedAI offers a wide range of assays for phenotypic drug discovery, including a broad portfolio of cell viability and cytotoxicity assays.

Safety & Efficiency Evaluation
Protheragen MedAI's experimental platform provides in vitro safety pharmacology services that may be used throughout the drug discovery process to help de-risk drug candidates. Customized safety pharmacology profiling services can also be provided according to the specific needs of the client's drug discovery program.

At Protheragen MedAI, analytical services are offered to support toxicology studies, such as method validation, formulation analysis, homogeneity and stability testing.

For more information about Protheragen MedAI’s experimental validation platform, please visit https://aimed.protheragen.com/experimental-validation-platform.html to learn more.

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About Protheragen MedAI
Protheragen MedAI is missioned to solve difficulties and challenges faced by pharmaceutical industry and accelerate drug discovery process by applying AI into processes and attempts like personalized healthcare and various other medical applications. To this end, a few AI-powered drug discovery platforms have been developed, including CADD Platform, AIDD Platform, and Experimental Validation Platform. All these platforms are conducive to the drug R&D projects of pharmaceutical companies. The good news is that Protheragen MedAI has successfully accomplished a few projects in the past few years, which helped pharmaceutical companies simplify R&D steps and at the same time helped streamline R&D costs and other input.