The world "started" a long time ago; civilization began many years before any of us were born. And it continues to this day. If the world continues, development will continue for many years to come. It is an ongoing process; it is part of the evolution of humanity.

The reason is simple, people are creatively ambitious. It is in them to create; to want more, even when they already have more. Development becomes the basis for further development, shoulders on which subsequent development stands, and that is a good thing.

People are goal-oriented. Even the laziest man or woman on the street has something they look forward to; a goal that they want to achieve. The interesting thing about goals is that they are eternal; the achievement of a goal leads to a desire to achieve a second goal based on the first goal; this is a natural process, a phenomenon that has brought us to where we are as individuals, people, organizations or nations.

You can bear witness that you have had many goals in your life, and yet, even after you achieved them, there were still more new things that you began to look forward to. In one of the books I read recently, it is recorded that it was many years ago that a member of the U.S. Senate wanted the Senate to pass a bill that closed the patent office insofar as he was worried, there would never have been new inventions according to him everything that had to be invented had already been invented and there was no need to keep the office open. If he only lived to see our time, this senator would have seen how wrong and short-sighted he was! There is always something new in the time horizon.

It is human nature to always look forward to this new thing; and that's a good thing. However, there is a tendency for people to "postpone" their happiness in pursuit of what is on the horizon; in the human experience this is where the problem lies and this is a problem I will address in this article.

Hear me and hear me well; the secret to happiness is this: Happiness must never be postponed because of some goal that has yet to be achieved.

Tying your happiness to the achievement of a specific goal is an independent trap with the potential to bring endless misery. This is because first and foremost, as we have said, you will always have goals - things you want to achieve. Even after achieving these things, there is still more to achieve - we never really get to the end. So if you want to tie your happiness to individual goals that are yet to be met, you will never really live a happy life, because even after you reach those goals, there will still be more goals to achieve; your happiness will always be on the horizon, but never in the moment.

Second and just as important, there really is no need to postpone your happiness because of a goal that has yet to be achieved. If you want to reach your goal sometime in the future; let's say you are convinced that this is the goal that will bring happiness in your life; then there really is no point in waiting until that goal is manifested. You might as well be happy now about your impending great achievement. It's like saying, if you knew you were going to get a million dollars tomorrow, you should definitely wait until tomorrow to be happy? I do not think your excitement would start today and you would start visualizing all the wonderful things you will do with your millions of dollars and the impending lifestyle that awaits you. The point is, you would immediately be glad you knew you were getting a million dollars.

It is in the same way that we should approach the things we long for in life. Desire is genuine; we can not deny the fact that there will be things that we look forward to. But what we should not do is let us wait to be happy; to postpone our happiness to such a time that these are manifested. We should find a way to bridge the life we ​​have and the life we ​​want and work towards. The best way to bridge the gap is to be excited in the present about the coming life for more information click here

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