The earth needs saving. She is dying, and we’re the ones pulling, pushing her closer and closer to her end with every passing day. Thing is, we are in danger, even though we choose not to acknowledge it. As earth’s condition gets worse, it tells on us the inhabitants. In the search to find lasting solutions to the world problem, we have come to find that vegetation— plants and trees— is vital in this cause. Here are some of the significant roles vegetation plays in preserving our earth.

Countering the effects of emissions: It is said that worldwide, we need to plant 1.2 trillion trees to cancel out the accumulation of harmful emissions over the years. This is quite a high number, and you’d wonder why we still haven’t made trees our best friends. Neighborhoods with adequate vegetation enjoys proper ventilation and fresh air. We can see clearly the role of vegetation in establishing a sustainable environment for all.

Providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastics: In limiting the use of plastics which are non-biodegradable, and end up constituting as waste to the environment, plant materials are considered as eco-friendly alternatives. It has been established how the growing amount of plastic waste constantly generated hurts the environment, and the need to find healthier options. This has seen us look towards biological materials, like the reusable bamboo straws and the hay straws which serve as alternatives to plastic straws, and are products of plants and trees. You can visit on this slides that will helps you to get the right info regarding earth.

Serving as source for renewable energy: The fate of the human race, and animals even, depends on how successful we are in reducing the emissions and levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. This means finding alternative energy sources to coal and fossil fuels, with little or no adverse effects on the environment. Biomass is being considered as one of the most popular types of renewable energy. This is produced by converting organic materials into energy.It has led to the production of bioethanol and biodiesel, which serve as alternatives for fossil fuels, from agricultural products.

Preserving beauty and health: It is known that vegetation, when properly maintained, beautifies the environment. And with a touch of flowers, nature is displayed in its glory. Growing gardens also provides us with pure and healthy food. We also generate natural products which, unlike their synthetic equivalents, do not contain dangerous components. These ecological products rather contain the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for good health; strengthening the body to fight against diseases and function properly.


Vegetation plays essential roles in preserving the earth and its inhabitants. This applies in different levels, from individual to communities, to countries, continents, and the world at large. Knowing how important plants and trees are, we should get more of them and make proper and optimum use of their products.

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