When it comes to floor coverings almost everyone chooses a carpet over anything. Carpets can enhance the overall appearance of our interior decor with their amazing colours and designs. Not only do they add beauty and luxury but they also provide us with soft ground to walk upon. When it comes to maintenance of the carpet, stains can be the worst form of problem for us. Stains will damage and decolourise the carpet fibres if left untreated. Depending upon the source, stains can cause severe problems to any carpet installation. Food and organic stains can also compromise the hygiene of the carpet by promoting the growth of germs. Bacteria and viruses will feed on organic matter and grow exponentially thereby further degrading the hygiene of the carpet. Apart from making your carpets unhygienic, these pathogens can also cause your carpets to sti8bnk. The bad odour released by bacteria will deteriorate the indoor air quality and cause breathing issues. Some kinds of stains can damage the strength of carpet fibres causing them to wear and tear. So it becomes highly important for us to treat any stains on the spot. Also, you can either hire professional carpet cleaning services for carpet stain removal Melbourne at home. In the meantime, you can follow the steps and instructions mentioned below to treat different kinds of stains at home. You can use the substances listed below for an effective carpet stain removal at home.

Tips for Carpet Stain Removal

  • Using Water and Detergent or Liquid Soap

    Most of the common stains on the carpet can easily be treated by using detergent or liquid soap. First, you need to clean the stained patch with a dry cloth to absorb all the staining fluid and debris. Afterwards, you can prepare a solution of water and detergent or any liquid soap. Now rinse the cloth in this detergent solution and use it to rub and scrub off the stain repeatedly. Keep rubbing till the stain slowly fades away. Now you need to remove all detergent and water, take any absorbent cloth and ri9nse it in plain water and clean the carpet again. Finish the carpet stain removal process by finally cleaning the stained patch of the carpet with a dry absorbent cloth.

  • Using Rubbing Alcohol

    Alcohol is another solvent which can help in getting rid of various stains on the carpet. Alcohol is an effective solution for treating any chemical or dried food stain. You can start by first diluting the alcohol by adding the same amount of water. Now pour this alcohol solution into an empty spray bottle. Spray the alcohol solution over the stained patch of the carpet extensively and saturate the stains with it. Now rinse a sponge or a cloth in the alcohol solution and use it to clean the stains. Rub the stained patch of the carpet repeatedly till the stain vanishes. Now take a plain wet cloth and use it to further clean the stained patch to remove all the extra alcohol.

  • Using White Vinegar

    White vinegar is another easily available substance that can provide stain treatment. Vinegar has many benefits in carpet cleaning as its natural disinfectant, deodoriser and stain removal agent. Vinegar will take care of carpet sanitisation Geelong and carpet deodorisation by killing odour causing bacteria. All you need to do is first prepare a solution of white vinegar and warm water both added in equal parts. Now pour this solution into an empty spray bottle and use it to spray it over the stained patch of the carpet. Make sure you spray the stain extensively and saturate the stain with this solution. Rinse a sponge or a cloth in the same solution and clean the stained patch for the carpet with it. Remove all the staining debris and fluids by scrubbing and rubbing again and again. Clean the stained patch of the carpet with a wet cloth once you are finished.

  • Using Baking Soda

    Baking soda is a wonderful substance that can be used in many carpet cleaning processes. Baking soda will help in carpet sanitisation by killing germs and further help in carpet odour removal. You can use it by either making a thick paste with water or along with white vinegar. Prepare a paste of baking soda powder by adding some water. You can apply this paste over the stained patch of the carpet and cover the stain with it. Let the soda paste rest on the stain for a while and let it dry. After the soda has dried, use a brush to remove the soda pasting from the carpet. Now take a wet cloth and clean the stained patch repeatedly to remove extra soda powder. Finish the carpet stain removal process by vacuum cleaning the carpet.

  • Using Carbonated Water

    Carbonated water is mildly acidic and a chemical solvent that can be helpful in carpet stain removal. You can use it by either pouring it directly over the dried stain or using a cloth rinsed in carbonated water. Rub the wet cloth rinsed in soda water over the stain repeatedly and scrub till the stain slowly fades away. You can repeat the process if the stain persists and finish the carpet stain removal process by cleaning the stain with a plain dry cloth.

  • Using Hair Spray

    It may sound weird but you can use any hairspray for carpet stain removal. Most of the hair sprays contain plasticisers and various other plastic polymers. These compounds not only help in eradicating moisture but can also dissolve most of the stains. Just start by spraying some amount of hair spray over the stain again and again. Rinse cloth in warm water and dab the stain repeatedly till the stain slowly fades away.

  • Using Ammonia and Water

    You can use clear ammonia and water solution to remove many kinds of stains from a carpet. Just prepare a solution of 1 cup ammonia in 2 liters of water. Take a sponge or an absorbent cloth and rinse it in this ammonia solution. Dab the stain with this wet sponge repeatedly. Make sure you don't overuse ammonia or else it will decolourise the carpet fibres. Repeat the process if the stain persists.

Professional Assistance

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