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Broadway, Off Broadway, and "Off Off Broadway" are three different theatrical forms of musicals and plays that are popular in the United States. Of the three ways, off-Broadway shows are generally held in 100 to 500 seat venues. They use creative stage design, lighting, and other innovative production techniques that require large investments. Producers of these shows rely solely on the show's commercial success to generate income and this encourages them to sell tickets to the shows at a relatively high price.

Off Broadway shows offer an opportunity for budding talents in the performing arts to explore new subjects. Its innovation draws the attention of theater enthusiasts and draws them to the theater. The immense popularity of most Broadway shows is one reason for the high price of tickets. The short duration during which the shows are held creates a crazy fever and this factor also explains the high price of tickets for Broadway shows.

Tickets for off-Broadway shows are sold at varying prices depending on the success of a given show. In many cases, they are sold for more than the nominal value. Producers also set prices based on event type, venue, and seat location. The rating of the review attributed to a show in the media is related to the price of tickets for that show.

There are licensed ticket brokers who can assist in obtaining tickets at lower prices. They can help get discounts of 25%, 35% and even 50% of the total price. These ticket brokers meet the need of many low-cost ticket customers by encouraging them to apply for discount codes. People interested in Broadway shows can subscribe to these discount codes and book their tickets in advance. This helps them save up to fifty percent of the ticket price.

Tickets for Broadway shows can be picked up at the box office, booked online or by phone. Tickets sold at the box office window are free of service and sold at a lower price. Since ordering tickets online and by phone carries service charges, they are generally more expensive.

Ticket prices for off-Broadway shows are determined by different factors, but by booking in advance through the appropriate sources, theatergoers may enjoy these entertaining shows at a reasonable price.

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